Hamas Breaks Truce, Fires on IDF

Hamas attacked the IDF twice on Tuesday, less than 48 hours after it announced its own truce. A rocket warning siren sounded at a kibbutz.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu ,

Terrorists shot at soldiers, breaking truce
Terrorists shot at soldiers, breaking truce
srael News Photo-Flash 90

Hamas broke its own ceasefire Tuesday afternoon with two rifle attacks on soldiers at the Gaza separation barrier and in central Gaza, less than 48 hours after the terrorist organization announced it would hold fire on condition that Israel withdraw all troops from the Gaza region within seven days.


None of the soldiers were wounded, and they returned fire at the sources of the attack, south of the Kissufim crossing and near Khan Yunis, close to the destroyed Jewish communities of Gush Katif.


Earlier in the day, residents of a kibbutz in the Gaza Belt area ran for cover when the Code Red siren sounded, indicating an imminent mortar shell or Kassam rocket attack.


The government said that the siren was a false alarm, but kibbutz members told Israel National News that rockets and mortar shells often explode in the fields without anyone hearing it or simply land without exploding.


"I did not hear any explosion, but it is very comfortable for the government simply to say there was a false alarm, and that cannot be confirmed," one kibbutz member said.


Despite the shooting attacks on the soldiers, the IDF continued to withdraw troops and release reservists, and the last soldiers are expected to cross the Gaza borders by 6 p.m. (11 a.m. EST), when President-elect Barack Obama is to be inaugurated.


One soldier will be left behind - Gilad Shalit, who was kidnapped by Hamas and allied terrorists in June, 2006.