Bibi Makes Israel's Case

Opposition leader, PM candidate and public speaker Bibi Netanyahu is taking a break from politics to defend Israel in the international arena.

Hillel Fendel ,

Netanyahu on BBC
Netanyahu on BBC

Opposition leader, favored Prime Ministerial candidate and famed public speaker Binyamin Netanyahu is taking a break from politics to defend Israel in the international arena.

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Netanyahu gave 20 interviews on Tuesday alone to international television networks, explaining why justice is on Israel’s side in the current battle with Hamas. Hundreds of thousands of people in dozens of countries are estimated to have seen and heard him say that Israel has no choice but to respond to Hamas rockets.

''It is as if there were an 'Al-Qaeda' with a base supported by Iran just outside of New York,” Netanyahu said on CNN. “This is the situation that we have in Gaza, it is Hamas supported by Iran that again yesterday bombarded a suburb of Tel Aviv'… I am determined to destroy them. 'They launch missiles against our civilians, and hide behind them. It is a double war crime, and therefore there is the need for the regime to disappear once and for all.”

Netanyahu told BBC, “Hamas is saying that they can target and hide behind civilians, and then telling Israel that we can’t take action because civilians will get hurt.  If the international community agrees with this, it is telling terrorists the world over that they can do this and get away with it.  Responsible parties do what Britan did in World War II, and what we’re forced to do today with thousands of rockets coming in to our cities, and that is to take action to defend themselves.  The international community must support Israel in this just battle.  We’re sorry about every civilian casualty, while Hamas is delighted with every rocket that hits a city.”

Asked by Reuters if Israel is seeking the removal of the Hamas government in Gaza, Netanyahu said, "I think ultimately we need to do this. Whether it can be done right now is something I don't think we should discuss here. But it should be discussed because ultimately, if we don't do it, then Hamas will rearm itself ... Hamas openly declared its goal to eradicate the state of Israel from the face of the earth."

“We have no option other than to remove the Hamas regime from Gaza,” Netanyahu told Bloomberg Television.

In yet another interview, the favored candidate to become Israel’s next Prime Minister said, “You cannot say both Israel and Hamas are symmetrically blamed. They're not. One side is to blame, the side that targets civilians and hides behind civilians. That's Hamas.”

Netanyahu, who received plenty of experience as Israel’s spokesman when he served as Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations from 1984 to 1988, explained that the political election campaign can wait: “There will be time for politics later.  I am now busy with making Israel’s case.”  Even Foreign Ministry sources admitted, according to the daily Israel Today, that “the pinch hitter on the screen did the job.”