Yitzhar Hero, 9, Comes Home

Two weeks ago, Tovia Shtatman, 9, was stabbed 7 times by a terrorist who inflitrated Yitzhar. On Friday he was well enough for his brother's bris.

Gil Ronen ,

Tovia Shtatman, 9, the boy from Yitzhar who fought a terrorist two weeks ago, was the hero of the day Friday at his brother's circumcision (brit mila) ceremony.

Tovia has been in Schneider Children's Hospital since the terror attack in Yitzhar.

Tovia with mother, Vered, and brother Yisrael.

Yitzhar Rabbi David Dudkevich said that the brit mila for the young baby – Tovia's seventh brother – was another proof of Israel's victory over its enemies. "Against the murderous knife of the enemy, we lift the knife of the brit mila, which stands for a willingness to sacrifice ourselves for the commandments. We make it clear that above all, we are obliged only to the Creator of the Universe," he said.

The terrorist infiltrated the community at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 13, and set fire to the Ben Shlomo residence. Next door neighbor Revital Ofan woke up to the crackling of the flames, and saw the Arab terrorist trying to pry his way through the plastic blinds on her bedroom window. In the meantime, the nine-year-old neighbor Tovia came running to her house to wake her family and warn them of the approaching fire.

He then encountered the terrorist, who stabbed him seven times in the back. Tovia fought back and the terrorist's knife broke. He then threw Tovia off the porch into a deep ravine. Tovia sustained light to moderate injuries but none of his internal organs was damaged.