Israeli-Arab Med. Student Indicted for Hizbullah Contact

Khaled Kashkush, a Israeli-Arab, was indicted in a Petach Tikva court this morning for contact with the Hizbullah enemy.

Hillel Fendel ,

Israeli-Arabs rioting
Israeli-Arabs rioting
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Khaled Kashkush, 29, of the Israeli-Arab town of Kalansuwa, was indicted in the Petach Tikva District Court on Wednesday for contact with a foreign element connected with the Hizbullah enemy - and with Hizbullah itself.

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Kashkush, a medical student studying in Germany, allegedly made contact with a Lebanese Hizbullah-affiliated organization that attempts, among other goals, to transfer money to the families of dead Hizbullah terrorists.  In 2002, the charge sheet states, he worked in the German headquarters of the organization, and had constant contact with the chairman, Dr. Hasham Hassan.

Kashkush was arrested three weeks ago when he returned to Israel. Security sources do not feel that he succeeded in causing damage to Israeli security.

A Second Indictment
Another indictment states that Kashkush also had contact in Germany with a Hizbullah terrorist, Muhammed Hashem, known as Mazen. In late 2005, Mazen provided Kashkush with his email address and password for future use, and paid him 2000 euros for his trouble.

The two met again a year later, and discussed the war that had just ended between Hizbullah and Israel. They agreed on the importance of helping Hizbullah in its war against Israel, and Mazen told Kashkush that his help was especially valuable because he lived in Israel. 

Mazen advised Kashkush to work in the Rambam Hospital in Haifa and gather information on soldiers hospitalized there. Similarly, Kashkush provided Mazen with information on Arabs from Kalansuwa studying or living in Germany, for the purpose of future recruitment.  Hizbullah has shown great interest in enlisting Israeli-Arabs, who are free to travel around the country without being suspected.

Kalansuwa is located in the southern-Galilee area known as the Triangle, roughly between Hadera and Afula.

More Israeli-Arab Terror Involvement
Just three weeks ago, six Israeli-Arabs, including two Hebrew University students, were arrested for operating an Al-Qaeda terror cell in Jerusalem and planning to shoot down a helicopter carrying a senior US official.

Four of the suspects are from eastern Jerusalem, and the other two study physics/computer sciences and chemistry, respectively, at Hebrew University.

President Shimon Peres said last week that "educated" Arabs generally do not present a terrorist threat to Israel.