South Americans Hold Pro-Israel Conference

Over 60 politicians from 14 countries in Latin and South America are wrapping up a five-day conference in Jerusalem on behalf of Israel and peace.

Hillel Fendel ,

Over 60 politicians from 14 countries in Latin and South America are wrapping up a five-day conference in Jerusalem on behalf of Israel, peace, and general humanitarian values.  Hundreds of private delegates participated as well.

Hosted by the Amisrael Organization, the first annual Jerusalem International Conference is being held in Jerusalem's Moriah Classic Hotel, and is ending Thursday.  Amisrael is a private, non-profit organization, headquartered in Brazil, comprising individuals of different races and political inclinations who identify with the ideals of promoting peace and support for the State of Israel.

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The five-day conference featured a variety of symposiums and panels dealing with political, judicial and educational issues such as inter-religious dialogue, environmental protection, economic development, and E-learning.  One panel was entitled, "Human Rights as State Policy."  The participants also met with Israeli leaders in the Knesset and Foreign Ministry. 

Pro-Israel Resolutions
During the meeting with the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus on Tuesday, Vice President Luis Federico Franco Gomez of Paraguay informed the Knesset Members that he is pushing to reinstate his country's embassy in Israel. 

At the same meeting, Senator Jose Garriga Pico of Puerto Rico presented the Knesset with two resolutions he had recently pushed through his legislature to strengthen ties with Israel, one of which established an annual date in commemoration of victims of terror.  Some 16 of the 26 victims of the Lod Airport terrorist massacre perpetrated in 1972 by Kozo Okamoto and two other PFLP-allied Japanese Red Army terrorists were from Puerto Rico.
"An important message will be sent from Jerusalem," said Amisrael founder and director Dr. William Soto before the conference, "with the objective of summoning national leaders as active participants in guiding our future, while actively pursuing the path of peace."

Participants and speakers include the Chairman of the Evangelical Council in Venezuela and other officials from that country, university chancellors from Colombia, Paraguay, and Argentina, the Deputy Mayor of Lima, Peru, the Deputy Minister of Education in Ecuador, the District Attorney of Colombia, top judges from various countries, senators from Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay, and dozens of others from Mexico, Brazil, and elsewhere.