Protest: Stop Supplying Hamas with Rocket Fuel

Hamas uses fuel supplied by an Israeli company to move its rockets about and attack Israel. Protesters demand a consumer boycott of the firm.

Gil Ronen ,

Fuel tanker crossing into Gaza.
Fuel tanker crossing into Gaza.
Photo: Flash 90

Protesters gathered outside a Dor Alon fuel station in Ramat Gan Sunday to protest the fact that the company is supplying fuel to Gaza although terrorists use it to launch rockets against Israeli civilians. They called on Israelis to boycott the firm.

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"We simply want Dor Alon to stop profiteering on Israeli pain and suffering and to stop selling gasoline and other petroleum products to Gaza," Jeffrey Roberts of Shurat HaDin Israeli Law Center told IsraelNationalNews.

He said that Dor Alon is the only supplier of gasoline and petroleum products to the Gaza Strip right now. "The Hamas terrorists are using this gasoline obviously to move rockets and other terrorist materials around the Gaza Strip, enabling them to hit the targets in Ashkelon, Sderot and other Israeli population centers," he explained.