Analysis: What Does Barak’s Ultimatum Mean?

Israel National News analyst Yoni Kempinski discusses Barak’s recent statements and the future of Olmert’s coalition.

Maayana Miskin ,

Olmert's coalition: doomed to break up?
Olmert's coalition: doomed to break up?

Parties from across the political spectrum have raced to prepare for elections in recent days as Prime Minister Ehud Olmert stands accused of corruption and senior politicians have called on him to step down. But do recent statements from Defense Minister Ehud Barak mean he plans to push for new elections? And can Olmert succeed in keeping his coalition together despite the current crisis?

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In the above video, Israel National News journalist Yoni Kempinski analyzes Barak’s statements, Labor’s chances in the next elections, and Olmert’s chances of maintaining a Knesset majority.