Soldiers Kill Suicide Bomber at Samaria Checkpoint

Soldiers spotted the explosive devices and the terrorist refused to comply with their orders. An IDF commander opened fire to prevent detonation.

Nissan Ratzlav-Katz ,

At the Hawara checkpoint
At the Hawara checkpoint
Photo: Flash 90

Alert IDF soldiers at a Samaria checkpoint on Monday night shot and killed a 20-year-old Arab man who had explosives strapped to his body. When soldiers spotted the explosive devices and the terrorist refused to comply with their orders, a commander on the scene opened fire to prevent what appeared to be an attempt at detonation.
The man refused orders to lie down and began to lower his arms, apparently to set off the bombs.
The incident took place at the Hawara checkpoint, 25 miles east of Herzliya.

Nineteen-year-old Corporal Michal Ya'akov is credited with raising the initial alarm. At around 8:00 pm, she ordered the Palestinian Authority resident to pass through the metal detector at the checkpoint, which sounded a beep signaling that a further search was necessary. She told him to raise his shirt, exposing several explosive devices strapped to his body in a bomb vest. Cpl. Yaakov alerted the other soldiers at the checkpoint, initiating an isolation and neutralization procedure.

The man refused orders to lie down and began to lower his arms, apparently to set off the bombs. A commander at the checkpoint then shot and killed the terrorist before he could take any further action. 

Soldiers cordoned off the area where the body lay until IDF sappers called to the scene gave the all-clear signal. A vest laden with five pipe bombs was removed from the dead would-be terrorist. It remains unknown if his intention was to throw the bombs or detonate himself along with them.

Military sources expressed concern that Defense Minister Ehud Barak's order this week to remove dozens of roadblocks and checkpoints to ease travel restrictions for Arabs will also make it easier for terrorists to reach Israel's urban centers.

Senior Islamic Jihad Terrorist Captured
In other counterterrorist events, air force planes carried out an air strike on a Gaza terror cell responsible for shooting rockets at Sderot, the IDF reported Tuesday morning. The strike took place in northern Gaza's Beit Lahiya almost immediately after two rockets were fired by the cell into the western Negev. Both the IDF and PA sources confirmed that one terrorist was killed and two were wounded. No damages or injuries were reported in the PA attack that precipitated the air strike.

It was released for publication Monday night that security forces succeeded in apprehending a senior Islamic Jihad terrorist in Jenin. The joint operation of the General Security Services (Shabak) and an elite IDF unit netted Omar Saleh Abu-Alon, who has been involved in many shooting and bombing attacks on Israelis.

Also on Monday night, PA Arabs threw fire bombs at an Israeli driver near the city of Ariel in Samaria. The driver was not injured in the attack. A similar attack took place near Ariel the night before. Arabs in Judea and Samaria have been carrying out Molotov cocktail attacks on Israeli drivers in the area with increasing frequency in recent months.

In the western Negev, Gaza terrorists fired three mortar shells at Israeli communities in the Shaar HaNegev and Eshkol regions on Monday night. PA terrorist groups fired five mortar shells at Israeli communities earlier in the day. None of the attacks succeeded in causing injury or damage.