Samaria Jews Furious Over New Checkpoints for Israelis

Jews protest new checkpoints on the way into Samaria and call on the army to end attacks on Israeli motorists.

Maayana Miskin ,

One of Samaria's main roads
One of Samaria's main roads

Jewish residents of Samaria are accustomed to passing through checkpoints on their way to central Israel. However, in recent weeks residents have been forced to undergo security checks on their way home to Samaria as well. Dozens protested the new procedure recently, accusing the government of ordering the security checks as a form of psychological pressure on Jewish residents of the area.

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“There is no security logic, and the army agrees with this,” said regional council head Gershon Messika. “To have a blockade entering the Shomron [Samaria]—what, are they afraid that Jews will come in?”

Residents also protested the frequent attacks on Israeli motorists near the Arab village of Azoun in Samaria. “Day after day Molotov cocktails and stones are thrown, and this big army is helpless, because it’s preoccupied with self-defense. When you’re protecting yourself, you can’t predict where the next blow will land,” Messika said.

In the above video, Jewish residents of Samaria gather to protest the checkpoints at the entrance to Samaria, and call on the army to retaliate against those who attack Israeli motorists.