Photo Essay: Israel's Trees

Photographer Michelle Baruch shares a glimpse of Israel's trees in honor of Tu B'Shvat with Arutz Sheva readers...

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Photographer Michelle Baruch shares a glimpse of Israel's trees with Arutz Sheva readers in honor of Tu B'Shvat, the New Year for trees. After the photos is a video lesson on Tu B'Shvat.

This maple tree is originally a cutting from a tree planted at Theresenstadt on Tu Bshvat 1944, and replanted in Israel in 1993. (Small tree on the right w/rope)
Carob tree reflecting over a pool in Park Canada (Park Ayalon)
Dusk at a Eucalyptus grove in the Jezreel Valley
Giant Eucalyptus Trees in the Jezreel Valley
Olive trees near Beit Guvrin
Glorious Israeli Citrus Fruit Trees (Pri Hadar)
A Pomelo Tree; Israel is exporting large quantities of these fruits to Japan
Fall Foliage at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo
Cypresses along the slopes of Mount Tavor
Cypress Trees growing near the ancient ruins in Beit She'an
Grapes Vines of the Baron de Rothchild in Rosh Pina
Large Carob Tree located at the Safari in Ramat Gan
Small fig tree growing in the shadow of a tall date palm
Winter wheat and barley growing in the fields near Modiin
Date Palms at Ein Gedi
Majestic Palm Trees at Mikveh Israel - Israel's first agricultural school
Split Olive tree at the top of the Arbel Cliff
Sabra Tree planted by David Ben Gurion in front of his house in Sde Boker

Photos by Michelle Brocco, a tour guide completing her studies at the Derech Eretz division of Touro College and has a greeting card web site at
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