Yigal Amir Has a Son

Larissa Trimbobler, wife of the convicted Rabin assassin, gave birth to a boy Sunday. The brit is to be held on 12th anniversary of Rabin's death.

Hillel Fendel ,

Larissa Trimbobler Amir, wife of convicted Rabin assassin Yigal Amir, gave birth to a baby boy Sunday afternoon. The brit is scheduled for the 12th Gregorian-calendar anniversary of Rabin's death, November 4.

Amir is serving a life sentence, without parole, in the Rimonim Prison in Even Yehuda, near Netanya.  He was married to Larissa in 2005.  Their son was born shortly after 3 PM in Bikur Cholim Hospital in Jerusalem, where heavy security has been placed around the mother and baby.

Asked whether the brit milah (ritual circumcision) will be held at the prison, and whether Amir will be allowed to attend if not, a Rimonim jail representative said the matter is to be taken up in court.

Yigal Amir's mother Geulah was asked by reporters if the name of the new boy would be Yitzchak.  She reportedly laughed and nixed the idea, saying, "Why? He wasn't a member of our family."

Defense Minister Ehud Barak, speaking at a memorial ceremony for Rabin in the Druze village of Daliat al-Carmel in the north Sunday, said, "There is still, on the margins of Israeli society, malignant wild growths that have not come around to a self-reckoning following the murder of the Prime Minister and the resultant national crisis.  There are even those who show understanding, not to mention support, for the murderer's motives."