Rockets Strike Western Negev and Ashkelon

Kassam rockets from Gaza struck the western Negev Thursday. One hit southern Ashkelon. The Supreme Court called for increased armoring of Gaza-region communities.

Ezra HaLevi , | updated: 5:08 PM

One rocket landed near Sderot, two near a Kibbutz in the Sha’ar HaNegev region and a fourth in the southern Ashkelon industrial zone. No injuries or damage was reported in any of the attacks.

Chief Supreme Court Justice Dorit Beinish addressed a petition by Sderot residents Thursday, criticizing the manner in which schools and public places are being fortified against missiles attacks. While the classrooms of first, second and third graders are being fortified, fourth-graders and onward will have fifteen seconds to dash to shelters after the Tzeva Adom (Color Red) early-warning system sounds. “[15 seconds] is not enough," Beinish said, ordering the State to try to come up with a better solution that would not foster panic each time the siren sounds (which could be multiple times daily).

In Tul Karem , IDF and Police Special Forces arrested a Hamas terrorist who was part of the cell responsible for the Pesach Massacre at the Park Hotel in March 2002.

Anwar Ahmad Daud was involved in other attacks aside from the Park Hotel bombing as well. He was handed over to interrogators. Elsewhere in Tul Karem, IDF soldiers discovered a bomb, which was disarmed by IDF sappers.

Five PA Arabs died in an explosion at a gas station in Ramallah Thursday at 3:30 PM. The gas station collapsed and customers and employees subsequently fell into a crater created by the explosion. IDF rescue teams were dispatched to assist the wounded and Magen David Adom offered to supplement the Red Crescent's services.

IDF forces shot an woman who tried to stab soldiers at the Ein Bidan crossing east of Shechem Thursday. The woman was lightly injured.

A policewoman shot a PA Arab man trying to run her down in a stolen vehicle near Shechem Wednesday. The car sped toward an impromptu road-block set up to catch car-thieves and refused to slow down when police signaled and called out to stop. The car-thief was taken to a Tel Aviv hospital for treatment.