Ashkelon Hospital Treats Wounded From Gaza Civil War

Ashkelon's Barzilai Hospital has recently been receiving many wounded terrorists involved in the internecine clashes in Gaza.

Nissan Ratzlav-Katz , | updated: 6:19 PM

About 60 people in the Gaza Strip, including unarmed children and women, have been killed in gun battles and in violent attacks between Hamas and Fatah terrorist groups in just the last two weeks. Hundreds more have been injured.

Among the many injured Palestinian Authority residents, more than a dozen have received treatment at Barzilai, which is also the primary receiving hospital for those Israelis injured in PA Kassam rocket attacks or in Gaza counter-terror operations. Such treatment continues even as a Kassam rocket - one of four fired by PA terrorists on Tuesday - narrowly missed an unnamed strategic target in the port city.

Most of the PA men who were received at Barzilai are allegedly part of the Gaza police force or the Fatah militia. However, doctors refrained from comment on the patients' terrorist connections, saying that medicine has always ignored political conflicts. Neither were the Arabs receiving treatment in the hospital willing to publicly expose their own affiliation with either of the rival terrorist groups.

Barzilai Medical Center's deputy director, Dr. Ron Lobel, said, "We certainly don't check if someone belongs to Hamas, to [Islamic] Jihad or if he comes from Sderot - we treat everyone exactly the same way."

Kati Malcha, a Sderot resident hospitalized in a room across from five of those wounded in Gaza's ongoing bloodshed, had quite a different view. She told Arutz-7's Hebrew-language TV news:
We have no rest - no Shabbat, no holidays, no weekdays - people don't go out of their homes. Every time I go out, I have to think that maybe there will be a Red Dawn [alert of incoming Kassam rockets]. And they have to be brought to Israel for treatment? Let them die! Let them kill one another! Why do we have to treat them?
In the shadow of the ongoing killings in Gaza, Hamas's Syria-based leader Khaled Mashaal and Fatah leader and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas are meeting in Saudi Arabia Tuesday for talks aimed at staunching the flow of blood.

Mashaal told a press conference in Damascus, "We want a true partnership between Fatah and Hamas. We are in the same boat. There is no other way to strengthen national unity. ...I call on all our brothers... to restrain themselves and to remember our real battle [with Israel]."

An Arab political analyst from the PA told the BBC Tuesday that all the declarations of brotherhood out of the mouths of Hamas and Fatah leaders are "lies," and that the slogans are only offered as a front for preparations for far greater violence to come.