Netanyahu Blog: Likud Leader ´Unedited´

Likud Chairman Binyamin Netanyahu had harsh words for the government in a statement Wednesday on his new Hebrew-language blog.

Hana Levi Julian , | updated: 9:39 AM

The former Prime Minister outlined an itemized response he demands from the Olmert government to the incessant rocket attacks from Gaza against Israel.

“The rocket fire aimed at Sderot has become routine in the past few weeks since the government agreed to the ceasefire,” wrote Netanyahu. “More than 50 rockets have been launched at Sderot since that imaginary truce and it has been a miracle that no one wounded until now... The expected has finally occurred [on Tuesday night]: people have been hurt.”

Netanyahu demanded that the government carry out the following four steps:
* Take control of the Kassam launch areas.
* Stop the smuggling by taking control of key areas.
* Set the goal of deposing Hamas and act in accordance with this goal.
* Immediately cease all negotiations and the implementation of gestures until there is a complete end to terror.

“No other country in the world would have put up with incessant shelling of its towns and houses,” he wrote.

Netanyahu's blog, only three weeks old, is intended to bypass the media and present his messages to the public in an unadulterated fashion. A spokesman for the Knesset opposition leader said that Netanyahu also intends to start an English-language blog in the near future.