Eitam: Israel Must Say the Truth, Transfer is Only Way

MK Effie Eitam (National Union-NRP) has repeated his call for the State of Israel to consider the transfer of hostile Arabs from Judea and Samaria.

Ezra HaLevi , | updated: 6:08 PM

Speaking with Army Radio's Razi Barkai on Wednesday morning, Eitam was asked to explain his terming of Israeli-Arabs a "fifth column" and his call for Israel to encourage the transfer of PA Arabs from Judea and Samaria.

"Look, in the wake of this war, the people of Israel need to begin to say the truth," Eitam said. "The deceptive myths must end. The myth that we can abandon territory without it becoming a launching ground for attacks on us and the myth that this struggle is over the outcome of the [1967] Six Day War.

"The days of viewing our territory as a checkbook - through which we can buy off the rejection of our existence here - have ended. We therefore must be honest with ourselves: if we can't give the land away, and we can't keep the land with this hostile nation upon it, we must encourage them to emigrate."

Eitam said he was coming from a recent trip to the United States, where he discussed his ideas with former Attorney General John Ashcroft. Eitam said Ashcroft was very receptive to the ideas, due to the lessons of September 11th. "The assertion that the world will not allow transfer to occur is another deception," Eitam said

After the Eitam interview concluded, Barkai brought Yossi Sarid, former head of the extreme left-wing Meretz Party, on the air, and asked him whether he did not share Eitam's concern for the future of the Jewish state. Sarid said that he was not sure what scared him more, the threats facing Israel or Eitam's worldview.

Sarid compared Eitam's statements to those of Neo-Nazi and fascist politicians in Europe. "If they would say those things we would object, so we must object when Eitam says them," Sarid posited.

Barkai posited that Israel's situation may be different, since the population in question is seeking the destruction of the very state itself.