97% of Palestinian Authority Arabs Support Hizbullah

A poll taken early this month by Near East Consulting, a Ramallah-based data analysis firm, shows that virtually the entire Palestinian Authority - 97% of those polled - support Hizbullah.

Hillel Fendel , | updated: 4:17 PM

Arab-affairs correspondent Dalit HaLevy reports that the poll's results are a sign of the radicalization of PA society.

Among Christian Arabs in the PA, 95% said they support Hizbullah. Over 90% said the kidnapped Israeli soldiers should not be freed unconditionally, while 6% said they should never be returned.

55% of those polled said they identify with Hizbullah's goal of destroying Israel - 11% more than in a previous poll a month earlier.

Only 51% said they support a diplomatic agreement with Israel - a drop of 25% - although 78% support a ceasefire.