Final Tally for Monday: 4 Soldiers Killed in Southern Lebanon

Four IDF soldiers were killed in action in three separate battles with Hizbullah terrorists on Monday.

Hana Levi Julian and Hillel Fendel , | updated: 11:57 AM

One soldier, 22-year-old Staff Sergeant Malko (Moshe) Ambao of Lod, was killed Monday morning in a fierce exchange of gunfire with Hizbullah terrorists. Two other soldiers were killed when an anti-tank missile hit their Merkava tank a few hours later. All three of the victims were paratroopers. Three IDF soldiers were also lightly wounded in the Monday afternoon battle. Fourteen terrorists were killed.

It was released for publication Tuesday morning that a fourth soldier had been killed the night before: An anti-tank rocket hit an IDF force, killing the soldier and lightly wounding five others, in the village of Debl.

A total of 14 soldiers have been killed since July 12th in the battles at Bint Jbeil, located in the central/east sector of southern Lebanon a few miles from the border with Israel. IDF troops have fought with terrorists several times in the village, a Hizbullah stronghold.

In a separate battle, a battalion officer and two Nachal Brigade soldiers were listed in "moderate" condition following an exchange of fire at the village of Huleh, in the eastern sector.

In the western sector, the IDF destroyed a Hizbullah headquarters as well as anti-tank missiles and rocket launchers.

The number of victims since the current war began now stands at 105, including 61 soldiers, 38 civilians, and six Israelis killed in Gaza, Sderot and the Shomron. Fifteen of the civilians killed by the Hizbullah-fired rockets were Arabs (Muslim and Christian) and Druze.

Twelve IDF soldiers were killed on Sunday when a rocket barrage scored a direct hit on a group of reservists gathered in an open area near the cemetery at Kibbutz Kfar Giladi. Two others who were wounded in the attack remained in serious condition Monday.

Three people were killed and more than 100 shocked and wounded, most with light injuries, after a barrage of medium-range rockets struck Haifa. Some 50 victims remained hospitalized on Monday.

The names of the 12 reservists killed by a Katyusha in Kfar Giladi yesterday are:
1. Sgt. Gregory Aharonov, 34, Ohr Akiva
2. Captain Eliyahu Alkriaf, 34, from Moshav Granot
3. Staff Sgt. Shlomo Buchris, 36, Sde Yitzchak
4. Staff Sgt. Ziv Balali, 28, from Kfar Saba
5. Staff Sgt. Danny Ben David, 38, from Moshav Achituv
6. Staff Sgt. Marian Berkowitz, 31, Ashdod
7. Staff Sgt. Yehuda Greenfeld, 27, from Maaleh Michmash
8. Sgt. Major Shmuel Halfon, 41, Bat Yam
9. St.-Sgt.Ro'i Yaish, 27, Herzliya
10. First Sgt. Sha'ul Shai Machlowitz, 21, Netanya.
11. St.-Sgt. Yossi Karkash, 41, Afula
12. St.-Sgt. Mordechai Bulbul, 28, Shlomi, whose name was released only late Monday afternoon.