IDF Naval Commando Hits Top Hizbullah Operatives In Tyre raid

Two soldiers were seriously wounded when IDF naval commandos targeted a Hizbullah long-range missile-launching site during a heroic overnight raid on the Lebanese city of Tyre on Saturday.

Debbie Berman , | updated: 10:19 PM

Brig.-Gen. Noam Feig, head of naval shipyards, said the Naval Commando 13's operation in Tyre targeted senior Hizbullah operatives responsible for the launch of long-range rockets, similar to those fired at Hadera on Friday. “The goal of the operation was a commando raid against [those] senior Hizbullah operatives," he said. "Among other things, they were involved in launching rockets at Hadera Friday. The operation brought closure to all other operations."

Feig stressed that the heroic operation was deemed necessary to combat the threat of long-term rocket launches into Israel, while minimizing the possibility of Lebanese civilian casualties. "The force, under the command of a Commando 13 commander, was made up of three separate forces. Hizbullah's pattern of operations, hiding in apartments, endangers the lives of Lebanese civilians and necessitates selective and accurate capabilities," Feig stated.

The elite commando unit killed four terrorists, while two IDF soldiers sustained serious injuries in the battle. “At 3:15 a.m.," Feig said, "the force forged their way into the target. In the fight over the target in the apartment, the force killed four terrorists who belonged to the launching unit. Upon entrance into the apartment, one of the soldiers was injured. Another soldier in the inner circle was also injured.”

Feig presented a video documentary highlighting the mission that showed the soldiers' entrance into the building complex and the barrage of fire aimed at them when they emerged. The commandos worked cooperatively with the Israel Air Force, which sent planes and drones to clear a route for the unit to exit.

“The two soldiers were treated in the field by a medical unit under the command of the unit's doctor," explained Feig, "and an operation was performed in the field. The force evacuated under fire to the coast, where a helicopter waited, as planned, to transport them back to Israel at 5 a.m. All in all – fighting and presence in the field - one hour and 45 minutes."