Dr. Nisan: "Kadima´s Treachery Must be Punished at the Polls"

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Excerpts from an article by Dr. Mordechai Nisan, Hebrew University lecturer in political science, in which he points a finger at the political treachery of Kadima:

"The Kadima Party is by far the most corrupt of all the parties running in the elections... There has never been as extreme an example of the crushing of democratic norms and governmental correctness as in the case of Kadima, via the actions of Ariel Sharon and his partners in that political crime... I am not referring to a particular action by a given Knesset Member. Rather, with Kadima, a blanket treachery occurred against the voters of the Likud via the mass desertion of those they elected, and with a total distortion of the national desire and the conventional rules guiding the relationship between citizens and their elected representatives.

"... Kadima, a party that did not run in the elections of 2003, has been occupying the government chairs for many months, without having ever been elected. in 2003, the voters overwhelmingly chose the Likud Party, out of a clear ideological solidarity with it. But these votes were later transferred, unjustly, to the Kadima Party. How is possible that this public rape occurred without a protest from the media or from the political arena?

"...Those who abandoned the Likud, such as Ehud Olmert, Tzippy Livny, Meir Sheetrit, Avraham Hirshson, Ze'ev Boim, Roni Bar-On, Ruhama Avraham and others, abused those who sent them with a disgraceful act, with total conceit and with no shame. This is a breach of the unwritten charter between voter and representative... The members of Kadima veered from the customary Likud policy, which supported the settlement enterprise and not withdrawing for nothing in return.

"...On March 28, the citizens of Israel will be able to settle accounts with the people of Kadima. This issue must stand at the center of the electoral campaign, in which the voter is asked to express his opinion on what this band of strong-armed politicians did to our cultural fabric and the political establishment. These vote-stealers, norm-destroyers and public liars deserve nothing less than total political exile."

---The article in the original Hebrew can be read here in its entirety.