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  אדר ב 7, 5779 , 14/03/19

Bennett: The time has come to defeat Hamas

Education Minister and member of the political security cabinet Naftali Bennett released a statement in regards to the rocket attack on Tel Aviv saying:

"The time has come to defeat Hamas and eliminate its leaders, I am calling on the prime minister to convene the cabinet and to force the IDF to present a plan for the destruction of Hamas."

"No matter who is behind the shooting tonight, Hamas bears responsibility.
In the past year I have been saying clearly:
Those who pity kite launchers will receive missiles.
And anyone who trys to limit missiles to Sderot will receive missiles on Tel Aviv. The time has come to destroy Hamas once and for all. No more shooting at dunes without harming the enemy, but an uncompromising pursuit and systematic liquidation of Hamas leaders.I call upon the prime minister to order the IDF to present the cabinet with a plan for the decision of Hamas," Added Minister Bennett.

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