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Charlottesville: Did America learn the lesson?

How did Charlottesville change US? Has the alt-right withered under the new scrutiny or grown amidst the new visibility?Arutz Sheva Staff, Today, 9:46 PM

No deal with Hamas without return of captives

Cabinet reportedly refuses ceasefire with Hamas unless bodies of soldiers and civilian captives returned to Israel.Arutz Sheva Staff, Today, 5:52 PM

Democratic group pans candidate’s pledge to slash Israel aid

Jewish Democratic Council of America criticizes Michigan congressional candidate Rashida Tlaib for statement of aid to IsraelJTA, Today, 5:43 PM

Italy: 12 rescued from collapsed bridge

Rescue workers work all night to find survivors of bridge collapse that killed nearly 40 people.Arutz Sheva Staff, Today, 5:05 PM

'If Liberman can't do it, he should go home'

MKs Smotrich and Forer debate current Hamas policy. 'If Liberman wanted guarantees he shouldn't have sought to be defense minister.'Arutz Sheva Staff, Today, 4:52 PM

Toddler nearly drowns in central Israel

Police investigate after toddler nearly drowns in Rishon Lezion pool.Arutz Sheva Staff, Today, 4:26 PM

Before it's too late

Michael Natan has a winning smile that makes you smile back. He needs your help, before it's too late.Sponsored content, Today, 4:06 PM

From Belgium to Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Member of terror organization arrested entering Israel, reveals ties between PFLP and Shi'ite terror groups including Hezbollah.Uzi Baruch, Today, 4:01 PM

Appeals Court: Expel illegal Eritrean migrants

Jerusalem Appeals Court recommends Eritrean citizens be deported back to homeland in view of 'rampant crime' and 'judicial incompetence'.Mordechai Sones, Today, 3:41 PM

Terror victim's family storms out of court during trial

Father and brother of murdered soldier Ronen Lubarsky protest terrorist's trial with judges who cannot sentence him to death.Arutz Sheva Staff, Today, 3:19 PM

Watch: Security guard attacked at Haemek Hospital

Shibli Arabs dissatisfied with treatment given their relatives confront doctor, attack guards.Mordechai Sones, Today, 2:50 PM

Jewish Home MK: Israel must fight International Criminal Court

MK Smotrich demands Israeli government expose ICC's 'hypocrisy.'Arutz Sheva Staff, Today, 2:39 PM

Attorney General threatens Chief Rabbinate

AG threatens unless kosher supervisor's wages severed from business owners as Supreme Court ordered, kashrut monopoly will be canceled.Mordechai Sones, Today, 2:34 PM

Epheh Battalion Commander: Fighters ready for any challenge

Paratroopers from Battalion 890 - spearhead of the infantry - train together with Air Force aircraft, artillery, and armored forces.Mordechai Sones, Today, 1:57 PM

Near-drowning victims at higher risk of kidney injury

Rambam Hospital physicians discover causes of kidney injury in near-drowning victims.Arutz Sheva Staff, Today, 1:48 PM

'Warriors: Our most important resource'

47 officers from Ground Forces graduate Tactical Command College. 'College develops winning commanders who are exemplary figures.'Mordechai Sones, Today, 1:37 PM

Jerusalem police foil stabbing attack

Israel Police foil Hevron Arab's attempt to carry out terror attack in Jerusalem.Arutz Sheva Staff, Today, 1:10 PM

US: Jewish candidate launches anti-Semitic Twitter tirade

Oregon congressional candidate Mark Roberts tweets 'off with your yarmulke' — and he's Jewish.JTA, Today, 12:50 PM

Anger and astonishment

The feelings of anger and astonishment I felt on the day of the disengagement plan Knesset vote were engraved in my heart.Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein, Today, 12:30 PM

Water company shuts tap due to suspicious test result

Water company says business as usual after closing tap due to abnormal test result.Orly Harari, Today, 12:17 PM

Goldin family petitions Supreme Court against Netanyahu

Family of IDF officer Hadar Goldin in Gaza petitions Supreme Court against PM: 'Government turned MIA Committee into Bluff Committee.'Mordechai Sones, Today, 11:43 AM

'Liberman's gestures to Hamas are a mistake'

Minister opposes ground operation, sets out alternative plan to eradicate terrorism; 'Jewish Home will vote against Israel-Hamas agreement.'Mordechai Sones, Yesterday, 8:26 PM