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Homemade Beef JerkyKosher.comMaking beef jerky at home in your own kitchen is so much easier than you may have guessed.
Prep Time300 Minutes
Slow Cooker Beef StewJulie HauserJust put the ingredients in the pot and forget about it. A tasty and easy recipe for all occasions.
Prep Time480 Minutes
Rosemary Braised Turkey BreastJeff NathanYes, cooking a moist turkey breast IS possible. Follow these directions for an outstanding special meal.
Prep Time100 Minutes
Pomegranate Red Wine ChickenMichal FrischmanThe succulent sauce is worth the long preparation. Your guests will thank you.
Prep Time200 Minutes
Chinese Chicken Fried RiceNitra Ladies AuxiliarySpicy, Asian, and sumptuous, this recipe will spice up your life.
Prep Time35 Minutes
Persian Meatballs with Beet Sauce Michael Solomonov and Steven CookServe over yellow rice for a color explosion.
Prep Time260 Minutes
Cranberry Chicken with Sweet Potato Fries Rivky KleimanThis dinner prepares in a snap, tastes amazing, and has a virtually nonexistent cleanup.
Prep Time75 Minutes
Pastrami BruschettaChana SchapiroThis is just the perfect appetizer to start off a meal.
Prep Time20 Minutes
Tuna Salad Lunch Platter Chaya PiattThis is great for a healthy lunch or if you want to have a meal outside on these in between temperature days
Prep Time15 Minutes
Pulled-Beef Potato KnishesMichal Frischman The knishes are great rewarmed from the fridge or freezer, and the pulled beef is amazing up to three days later.
Prep Time300 Minutes
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