Will 200 Children,Babies Lose Their Homes "By Mistake"?

Susie Dym,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Susie Dym
Susie Dym serves as spokesperson for Mattot Arim, with over 20 years of expertise on "peace-for-peace" issues.

A silly mistake is about to cause 200 exceptionally brave Jewish children and babies, who endure terrorist attacks on the roads every day,  to lose their homes. PLEASE HELP TODAY.

Details: Amona is a Jewish community in Judea-Samaria with 200 children. Amona has been targeted by radical pro-Palestinian lawfare: All homes are about to be bulldozed to the ground.

The Regulation Bill intended to save Amona still lacks a majority in Israel's Knesset!

55 MKs on the right are in favor – 55 MKs on the left are against, and Minister Cachlon is sitting on  the fence. /News/News.aspx/221176

            Cachlon's objections are based on the following simple mistake: A myth has sprouted – just like The Emperor's New Clothes -- according to which Cachlon's coalition agreement contains a clause allowing him to veto any law which "harms Israel's Supreme Court". Then, the logic goes, legislating the Regulation Bill AFTER the Palestinian lawfare resulted in a hostile court ruling, rather than before, "harms the Supreme Court". There is only one small problem with this logic: Cachlon's coalition agreement does NOT contain any such clause. If you know Hebrew, click on the links above in the Hebrew section (e.g. to the actual text of the coalition agreement) to check this for yourself.

Action: Please can you email immediately to Minister Cachlon? For example:



Thank you in advance for raising your hand for 200 brave Israeli children and babies.

Sincerely, (please sign your full name & indicate what city you live in)

Please - send the above (or your personal message), IMMEDIATELY,  to Cachlon and many other Knesset members. The vote may be tomorrow! (Monday)

Use the email addresses below.

Thank you very much from Mattot Arim, for helping the brave children of Amona – and even more if you choose to also pass this on to at least one friend.

Email addresses of Cachlon & all relevant Knesset members

Sar@mof.gov.il; yoavg@knesset.gov.il; elic@knesset.gov.il; rachela@knesset.gov.il; royf@knesset.gov.il; talip@knesset.gov.il; shaskel@knesset.gov.il; yedelstein@knesset.gov.il; davidam@knesset.gov.il; amiro@knesset.gov.il; oakunis@knesset.gov.il; gerdan@knesset.gov.il; nboker@knesset.gov.il; dbitan@knesset.gov.il; anatb@knesset.gov.il; ggamliel@knesset.gov.il; davraham@knesset.gov.il; tzhanegbi@knesset.gov.il; sar@molsa.gov.il; yiskatz@knesset.gov.il; zakil@knesset.gov.il; ymazuz@knesset.gov.il; anagosa@knesset.gov.il; nkoren@knesset.gov.il; mregev@knesset.gov.il; ysteinitz@knesset.gov.il; ebendehan@knesset.gov.il; nissan@knesset.gov.il; ashaked@knesset.gov.il; smoalemr@knesset.gov.il; dazulay@knesset.gov.il; ybentzur@knesset.gov.il; aderey@knesset.gov.il; ieichler@knesset.gov.il; mgafni@knesset.gov.il; ylitzman@knesset.gov.il; mmozes@knesset.gov.il; umaklev@knesset.gov.il; mporush@knesset.gov.il; amarh@knesset.gov.il; rilatov@knesset.gov.il; odedfo@knesset.gov.il; alavie@knesset.gov.il; michaels@knesset.gov.il; sterne@knesset.gov.il; lishkat_sar@education.gov.il;

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