Dueling Rabbis  - Pre-Election Cross-Fire!

Susie Dym,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Susie Dym
Susie Dym serves as spokesperson for Mattot Arim, with over 20 years of expertise on "peace-for-peace" issues.

(This contribution kindly prepared by Rabbi David Algaze http://www.davidalgaze.com/Video.htm):

Reading the column by my distinguished friend Rabbi Hain in the Jerusalem Post, I am struck by his purity and naiveté. Hordes of investigators and years of research could not figure out Hillary Clinton, can we believe that Rabbi Hain knows her from three “intimate” conversations?  The Talmud points out that (gangster turned rabbi) Resh Lakish could identify a cheat due to his own checkered past. I am afraid that the pure spirit of Rabbi Hain is not a match for the devious Hillary Clinton.

Rabbi Billet  writes that he could not vote for Trump because of the tape. But voting for Clinton he could?  The Rabbis write that although the generation of the Flood had engaged in the basest and most lurid sexual behavior imaginable, the decree to destroy the world occurred only as a result of their engaging in theft.  There are two sins here, not just one and one is worse than the other . The press show extensively Trump’s tape but cover up Clinton’s sins. Think clearly and do not be moved by the clever propaganda machine that wants us to focus only on one of the sins.

 Rabbis Billet and Hain pass over the entire history of the Clintons’ scandals that have spread over decades and now threaten to continue for yet more years. The Clinton scandals will follow her into the White House:

  • The story of the King of Morocco’s contribution to the Foundation should frighten us all for what the future will be like if Clinton is president.
  • What about the donations from Kazakhstan’s dictator, Nursultan Nazarbayev and Bill Clinton’s support for him? The strongman in turn rewarded Clinton Foundation donors with the uranium resources that were eventually sold to the Russians. This ignominious deal required and obtained State Department approval while, you guessed it, Hillary was secretary of State! 
  • The Foundation failed to identify all the foundation donors precisely because so many foreign donors cast a suspicious light on the actions of a future president. She knew it and that is the reason she concealed her communications. Even though she put American security at risk, as her server was very likely hacked, she did it anyway because of her desire to cover up evidence of her dealings with foreign donors.
  • By accepting foreign donations she specifically violated a promise she made to the Obama administration when becoming Secretary of State. This is the culture created by the Clintons: Perjury, debasing of the Oval office, lying and deceit. Are these sins less serious than Trump’s childish bragging?  I also don’t like the tape, but there are larger issues we should be worried about.
  • The Clintons will continue a culture of politicization of our basic government agencies that is frightening. I recently wrote an article about this sad development in our country and I entitled it “Am I back in Argentina?”  Let’s review: Hillary set up a private server and she denied having it until the matter was discovered. She claimed to have given over all the pertinent emails but she went about destroying thousands of emails— who goes through the trouble she did to erase so many emails with such diligence if they just contained, as she claimed, just personal matters?  Are we so naïve as to believe that she would be so embarrassed about yoga classes or wedding arrangements?   The Obama administration helped her by waiving the law on the mishandling of classified material. The investigation has been highly irregular, her aides were allowed to cut very curious deals with the FBI. More…
  • The State Department negotiated with the FBI on how to classify her private emails in order to reduce her legal jeopardy.  What  are we to make of the AG Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton days before the FBI was to release the results of their investigation into his wife’s conduct?   The wife of FBI deputy director who was in charge of the investigation had been the recipient of more than half million dollars donation from a close Clinton ally. Justice offered immunity to at least five central figures in the private email probe. This kind of special treatment is unheard of. Special political treatment. Special side deals. An FBI investigation with kid gloves.  Should we not worry about this kind of culture that reminds us more of the dishonesty prevalent in the generation of the Flood than about the immoral pronouncements of the other candidate?
  • Aides mixed public and private interests, sometimes receiving salaries from the Clinton Foundation and the State Department at the same time. The State Department functioned  as an extension of the Clinton Foundation.

Trump's gross foibles, glaring moral lapses and deficiencies have become  a target of sensitive souls who are ready to vote for the spouse of a compulsive womanizer who verbally attacked his victims? The Democratic Party was not embarrassed to put Clinton for reelection in 1996 despite the knowledge that he had a sexual liaison with a 22-year old White House intern.  The sins of the Clinton family, from Arkansas to this day are far more reminiscent of the egregious sin that merited the punishment of the Flood. Trump did not use public resources covering up his misbehavior.

Rabbi Billet says

* … that Hillary will nurture a warm relationship with Netanyahu?  

Remember the 45 minutes hostile tirade she had against Netanyahu when construction permits were issued in Jerusalem? 

* … the Iran deal did not happen in her watch?

She pushed for it precisely during the years of its incubation and she supports it still. Her running mate boycotted Netanyahu when he came to make the case against the Iran deal in the US Congress.  

* I commend Rabbi Billet for his honesty in presenting  his concerns about Kaine,

but it is curious how he then  dismisses his own concern by saying “he hopes”(sic) he (Kaine) will see the bigger picture.” Good luck on that wish!  Check the Democratic platform, check the hostile displays against Israel at the Democratic convention and we should realize that that is a vain hope.

Hillary’s connections with Arab governments are even more troubling. How did Huma Abedin, stemming from a family associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, come to have such an important role in Clinton’s life?  Rabbi Billet reassures that Huma was part of her staff when she was a senator. We should ask who is Huma loyal  to. By her own admission,   Hillary is poised to continue Obama’s policies towards Israel and maybe even worsen them, especially as her supporters in the Democratic Party would wish.

In addition to our concerns for Israel we should also look at America. Clinton’s policies are among the most radical we have ever seen in our country. Look at the Democratic Party platform, at the inevitable influence of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders on a Clinton presidency, the appointment of Supreme Court justices that will alter America for the foreseeable future.  

Hillary supports partial abortion even on the day of birth, and is celebrated by an organization that sells baby parts. Are these not sins? Despite Rabbi Hain’s naïve surprise at Hillary’s “religious sentiments”, people are not so easily conned by her artful deceit.

The government that forces people to violate their religious beliefs and conscience.   Clinton will surely continue this policy. As evidenced by several emails, her attitude to religion is not as Rabbi Hain believes. It is for this reason the major religious groups in America favor Trump by large margins;  the clear majority of Catholics and the majority of Protestants in this country favor Trump.

Ignoring the dangers of a Clinton presidency and what it can do to this country is a real sin. Our country is in real trouble and we need to change the direction. The Gallup poll reports that the years since 2007 are “the longest period of low trust in government in more than 50 years.” This did not start with Trump.  Do we want to have four or eight more years of the same?

I know that it is not easy to support Trump. In polite society it is not considered “cool” or even intelligent. Many Trump supporters are subjected to name calling and worse. This writer is neither embarrassed nor intimidated. I support Trump. As many decent Americans, I know that Trump is no saint but given the choice between him and Clinton, we should choose the one candidate who will not use the power of the government to push policies hostile to our beliefs.

I am surprised at  Rabbi Billet’s recommendation that no vote is better than a vote for Trump. Those who through their own delicate sensitivity, abstain from blocking a Clinton presidency will be responsible for the consequences of her election.  It may be odious to vote for Trump but we have the uncomfortable duty to choose between two flawed candidates.  Not to vote is a sin; voting for a third party candidate is voting for Clinton. The only choice is pulling the lever for Trump. No responsible alternative.

James Freeman of the Wall Street Journal wrote: Voters who reject Clintonization of America can do right by by selecting the only person who can stop the Clintons: a very flawed candidate named Donald Trump".  It is a mitzvah to vote.

(Abridged for brevity)