Trump?? Hilary?? Don’t vote??

Susie Dym,

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לבן ריק
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Susie Dym
Susie Dym serves as spokesperson for Mattot Arim, with over 20 years of expertise on "peace-for-peace" issues.

Trump?? Hilary?? Don’t vote??

It sort of depends if you are pro-Israel ...

It cannot be overemphasized that -- judging strictly from Israel’s point of view -- there is more reason to prefer Mr. Trump over Hilary Clinton, than any other recent presidential bout between a Republican and a Democratic candidate. Not less reason – more reason.

That’s because this time -- as opposed to in the recent past -- a chasm has opened up, from Israel’s point of view, between the Clinton platform, which is bad for Israel, and Mr. Trump’s platform, which is good for Israel. In particular the Clinton platform strives openly  to establish yet another failed Arab state just a bike-ride away from Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and Ben-Gurion airport. This from someone who purports to be a friend of Israel and proponent of economic stability?? Prime Minister Netanyahu has already warned that such a fledging state will become an Islamic dictatorship -- another Islamic dictatorship among many -- in no time.

But unlike other Islamic dictatorships in Israel’s neighborhood, the Hilary-birthed monster – if Hilary is elected and does what she is threatening to do --  will strategically overlook Israel’s population centers and economy hub. This would be intolerable, in Israeli terms; Israel would have to take action and hope to prevail.

An apt comparison: We have all done much, and prayed much, to block bloodthirsty Iran – but the one good thing about Iran is this: IT IS IN IRAN – 1600 km away from Israel.

The Hilary-birthed monster state would not be 1600 km away from Israel. It would be right around the corner from the airport you fly to (Ben-Gurion airport), from the children you send to Israel to study, from the grandchildren and cousins you have who live here.

In contrast, the Trump-Republican platform staunchly refuses to impose the 2-state “solution” on Israel – perhaps because Trump and the  Republican party do not regard Israel as a problem which needs to be “solved”. In general,  last century’s Jewish history shows that we Jews should always be a bit wary of becoming part of a “solution”.

If Israeli safety issues are a priority for you, you  should be sparing no effort to promote the candidate with the more pro-Israel position – for Israel’s sake alone. This is assuming no internal American differences whatsoever exist between the candidates in your view.

Parenthetically, it seems as though this author is not the only Jewish person to have come to the above conclusion. I note that in the United States, a new organization has sprung into action – Jews Choose Trump. They seem talented, energetic and pro-Israel and have a great website: I contacted a Jews Choose Trump volunteer staff person, via the website, to offer whatever help I could, from afar, to Mr. Trump, the candidate who is clearly far less dangerous for Israel.

The volunteer said Jews Choose Trump hatched only recently -- but has quickly “sprouted 48 (!) tail feathers” (i.e. is now active in 48 of the 50 states). I am impressed.

This is Susie Dym, writing to you from Israel and hoping you use your time from now till Election Day wisely. Helping Israel is always such a wise thing to spend your time on... Your friends and relatives need to hear from you.