Peres's shortcomings:Wise leaders steered around them

Susie Dym,

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לבן ריק
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Susie Dym
Susie Dym serves as spokesperson for Mattot Arim, with over 20 years of expertise on "peace-for-peace" issues.

Yes, Peres had shortcomings. But wise friends of Israel steered courageously around them. 

One of Shimon Peres’s greatest shortcomings was his near-obsession for the two-state “solution”. This notion had been concocted by Israel’s sidelined radical Rakach (Communist) and Hadash (Jewish-Arab) parties  and was, of course, opposed by all significant Israeli parties. Later, however,  the notion was popularized -- mainly by Shimon Peres, who rendered his own party unelectable in the process.

Of late, the dangerous two-state notion has been sliding back into oblivion. How is this being accomplished? 

A case-study of pro-Israel success now follows. It illustrates how wise friends of Israel steered courageously around Shimon Peres’s shortcomings and managed to prevent the exuberant Peres from causing strategic damage to Israel.

A few weeks ago, Senator Cruz, one of Israel’s greatest supporters, declined to sign a Senators’ letter when he found the text included an incongruent sentence supporting establishment of a new “Palestinian” state.


Two other senators did likewise, for similar reasons.

Cruz was well aware that any new Palestinian state would be just a bike-ride away from Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and Israel’s sole international airport.

The Washington Post had reported that support for this notion had been eroding, and had in fact dropped 20 percentage points in American public opinion, from a high of 58% down to 39%.

Cruz also knew that Peres’s pet project,  Palestinian state, was opposed by most members of the Government of Israel. He was also aware that Prime Minister Netanyahu had warned that a Palestinian state could simply become an Islamic dictatorship.

Finally, and importantly, Palestinian state  was no longer a bi-partisan issue in the United States -- because the new Republican platform has distanced itself from the notion.

So, Cruz stood up for Israel – and declined to sign a Senators’ letter when he found the text supported establishment of a new “Palestinian” state.

Many thanks are due to Senator Ted Cruz.

As Israelis or supporters of Israel paying our respects to Shimon Peres but wary of his eery legacy, we know that the “Palestinian state” notion which threatens the Jewish people  will be abandoned, just as the once-popular notion of slavery which persecuted the Afro-American community,  was abandoned by leaders with vision who tactfully overcame other people’s blind spots. Slavery fell by the wayside at the behest of a farsighted Republican leader (Abraham Lincoln).  Similarly, today, it is Republican leaders like Senator Ted Cruz (Texas) who are working to facilitate the civilized world’s   parting from the dangerous  “Palestinian state” notion wrongly championed by the able and energetic Shimon Peres.

Leaders like Senator Cruz will bring Arab-Israeli peace, currently unattainable due to Shimon Peres’s terrible error, much closer. And after all, peace is probably all that Shimon Peres really wanted in his heart of hearts. It is just that his charming naivete left him with the wrong idea of how to go about it. Fortunately, people like Senator Cruz had – and will continue to have – Shimon Peres’s back. And that of the State of Israel as a whole.

May Shimon Peres rest in peace and may wise leaders, Ted Cruz style,  be found to achieve the peace that Shimon Peres sought so imprudently -- yet  with such enthusiasm and for so long.