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Ben Packer,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Ben Packer
Originally from Petersburg, Virginia, Ben Packer moved to Israel in 1999, where he served in the IDF's Givati Brigade in the Gaza Strip. Ben served as a Rabbi on campus at Univ. of North Carolina and at Duke Univ. Ben now serves as Director of the Jerusalem Heritage House ( and Co-Director of Young Jewish Conservatives ( He lives in the Old City of Jerusalem with his wife and 6 children....

In just three days, the fake population of the made-up place of "arab sussya" has gone up 25% from 300 to 400, this according to charlatans at the Jerusalem Post. Want to know why the Temples were destroyed, why the exile happened, why the Jews were ethnically-cleansed from Gush Katif? TRAITORS, that's how.

"Officials from the US Consulate General in east Jerusalem visited the village of some 300..."

"With a population of only 400, the Palestinian village of Sussiya..."

Gush Katif wasn't emptied of Jews by the leftists in Tel Aviv and they aren't the ones that write the Jerusalem Post either. Its Elazar Stern and Yaakov Katz and there are others as well. 

Time for some serious soul-searching. These people attended "religious" schools. What happened over there?!!! And why are they still welcome in "religious circles"? The same people who did this - - could try it again. What are we doing now to prevent it from succeeding? 

Ahavas Chinam? Not for the erev rav. They need to go.  


Ben Packer

Old City, Jerusalem