50 Americans lie dead – how do we tighten the ranks??

Susie Dym,

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Susie Dym
Susie Dym serves as spokesperson for Mattot Arim, with over 20 years of expertise on "peace-for-peace" issues.
50 Americans lie dead – how do we tighten the ranks?

How can we start broadcasting zero tolerance for terrorism and violence? Well -- isn’t that what civilized American society invariably stands for already - zero tolerance for terrorism and violence??

No, it is not. For example --

The American Red Cross provides funding to the Palestinian Red Crescent; see for example here: http://www.redcross.org/images/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m24399141_globalimpactreport2013.pdf. 
And it sure seems as though the selfsame Palestinian Red Crescent is using funds it receives, to ... honor terrorism! For example, the Palestinian Red Crescent recently held an event, for children of all people, in honor of “Palestinian Prisoners’ Day”. This “Day” expresses solidarity with Palestinians serving time in Israeli jails --  rather a strange topic for a children’s event, to be sure. The convicts in question can be one of 2 things: they may be garden-variety convicted criminals. Or – even worse – the “honored" convicts may have been convicted of serious violent crimes including lifers imprisoned for mass murder terrorist attacks against Israelis (and others). For more details, read these sources:



Similarly, the Palestinian Red Crescent (which gets funding from the American Red Cross) honored, a few months ago, a Palestinian mass-murderer. The mass murderer so honored (by an organization that, again, gets money from the American Red Cross!) had slaughtered many civilians including children. This annual event took place in a Palestinian Red Crescent facility. You can read about the festive event here: 


The American Red Cross is not alone in its strange attitude. The International Red Cross (ICRC) also supports the Palestinian Red Crescent. Our Israeli NGO, Mattot Arim, has already tried to obtain assurances from the International Red Cross, that no terrorism-honoring event will be allowed to recur next year, in organization/s the International Red Cross support. Our attempts have thus far been unsuccessful - the International Red Cross has not budged. Read about this here:



Yet another Palestinian Red Crescent event honoring Palestinian terrorists was documented 3 years ago, in 2013: http://palwatch.org/main.aspx?fi=157&doc_id=8965

The International Red Cross (ICRC)’s response to that event was to describe themselves as  “a neutral, independent and impartial organization”  - laughable! - and to stress that they were “not present” during the Palestinian Red Crescent ceremony in question. Why yes, the International Red Cross  admitted, they have “provided support, including financially, ...to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society” for what they called its “humanitarian programs”. But  the  International Red Cross kissed morality good-bye by clarifying that in its eyes, “It remains the prerogative of the National Society to define its own priorities and activities and to allocate funds accordingly". In other words – Palestinian terror advocates – do what you want, we (the International Red Cross) will both foot the bill  for you, and continue to describe ourselves as “neutral” -- and you as “humanitarian”. Talk about posting a KOSHER sign over a pig!

So much for the International Red Cross, but why is it acceptable to the American Red Cross that a sister organization they support, Palestinian Red Crescent,  is working for terrorism instead of for humanity?

We wrote to the American Red Cross recently, to ask.  The American Red Cross responded that: “Red Crescent societies across the globe abide by seven Fundamental Principles that include preventing ... human suffering wherever it is found, regardless of nationality, race, ...or political opinions. ...We are proud to work alongside ...the Palestine Red Crescent Society—which undertake humanitarian activities on a daily basis. “

Mattot Arim wrote right back to the American Red Cross: “Sorry – what you are saying, on behalf of the American Red Cross, is that an event which expresses solidarity with convicted Palestinian terrorists, some of which have killed civilians including children, constitutes a humanitarian activity??”

The American Red Cross spokesperson then wrote – in the same vein as the International Red Cross --  that the American Red Cross “has not attended any event expressing solidarity with Palestinian terrorists”.  We wrote back again: “The American Red Cross  has, however, provided funding to the Palestinian Red Crescent. It would seem appropriate for the American Red Cross leadership to review the information linked in below, about the Palestinian Red Crescent holding an event expressing solidarity with Palestinian terrorists, ...make a decision on whether to continue funding the Palestinian Red Crescent, and let the civilized world know what that decision is.”

This time, we received no response at all from the American Red Cross. Not so far. If we do get a response, you may be sure we will keep all of our readers posted.  

This is Susie Dym,  spokesperson for MATTOT ARIM, an Israeli NGO working toward peace-for-peace since 1992 – updating you from Israel about why innocent people are dying, in Israel and now in the United States as well. 

If you find this article bizarre and would like  the Red Cross to change their be‎havior, you can write to the American Red Cross, by clicking here: http://www.redcross.org/contact-us/.  You can ask the American Red Cross  to stop funding, and instead to start criticizing, its Palestinian sister-organization which smiles so kindly at terrorism.  That would be an important thing for you to  work for, because Palestinian organizations are extremely sensitive to American criticism. After all, so much money and political support reaches them from the United States. Again, simply click here: http://www.redcross.org/contact-us/

A public thank-you to Palestinian Media Watch, an Israeli NGO under the leadership of Dr. Itamar Marcus, who exposed every one of the above shocking incidents.  Any of the above palwatch links will lead to Palestinian Media Watch’s excellent resource website.