Urgent: Death for terrorists, or danger for Israel??

Susie Dym,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Susie Dym
Susie Dym serves as spokesperson for Mattot Arim, with over 20 years of expertise on "peace-for-peace" issues.

About the coalition talks - now PM Netanyahu is wavering between Lieberman and Herzog. The decision may be made TODAY.

Please email LIEBERMAN YES, HERZOG NO NO NO !!! to Israel's leaders:

Isn't it better to legislate a death sentence for terrorists, as Lieberman demands,

rather than yet again sink into a dangerous  "peace process" led by leftists, which is what choosing Herzog represents??

For further reading:

http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4804702,00.html –

In a small country like Israel, every email counts. Please write now. NETANYAHU, KNESSET, PLEASE! HERZOG = NO!!

Email addresses for Knesset-member and ministers are:

 Email addresses of Knesset members & ministers  כתובות מייל של חברי הכנסת והשרים:

lishkat_sar@education.gov.il;shaskel@knesset.gov.il; yedelstein@knesset.gov.il; davidam@knesset.gov.il; amiro@knesset.gov.il; oakunis@knesset.gov.il; gerdan@knesset.gov.il; bbeni@knesset.gov.il; nboker@knesset.gov.il; dbitan@knesset.gov.il; anatb@knesset.gov.il; ggamliel@knesset.gov.il; davraham@knesset.gov.il; tzhanegbi@knesset.gov.il; hkatz@knesset.gov.il; yiskatz@knesset.gov.il; zakil@knesset.gov.il; ymazuz@knesset.gov.il; anagosa@knesset.gov.il; nkoren@knesset.gov.il;kayoob@knesset.gov.il; mregev@knesset.gov.il; ysteinitz@knesset.gov.il; ebendehan@knesset.gov.il; nissan@knesset.gov.il; ashaked@knesset.gov.il; smoalemr@knesset.gov.il; dazulay@knesset.gov.il; ybentzur@knesset.gov.il; aderey@knesset.gov.il; yvaknin@knesset.gov.il; izchakec@knesset.gov.il; ymargi@knesset.gov.il; mnahari@knesset.gov.il; ieichler@knesset.gov.il; mgafni@knesset.gov.il;
ylitzman@knesset.gov.il; mmozes@knesset.gov.il; umaklev@knesset.gov.il; mporush@knesset.gov.il; amarh@knesset.gov.il; olevy@knesset.gov.il; rilatov@knesset.gov.il; odedfo@knesset.gov.il; mcachlon@knesset.gov.il; aliberman@knesset.gov.il; alavie@knesset.gov.il; michaels@knesset.gov.il; sterne@knesset.gov.il;

EPILOGUE: This campaign seems to have been successful; the danger seems to have been averted, the chances of Herzog and his radically pro-Palestinian colleagues joining the government currently seem to be zero.  As you know - every person counts, when everyone works together in a coordinated way. So, thanks for helping Israel. Just to remind, another very helpful step is to actually obtain voting rights for upcoming Likud primaries which determine the actual identities of the Knesset members and their order on the list. Contact mattot.arim@gmail.com for details, indicating your phone number and place of residence.