Hillary Clinton Will Say Anything for A Vote!

Batya Medad ,

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Hillary Clinton Will Say Anything for A Vote!

I am not joining the bandwagon all excited about Hillary's latest pro-Israel line.

Clinton: 'Unfair' to put onus on Israel for peace talks failure
Democratic presidential frontrunner signals to Jewish voters she will be more openly supportive of Israel if elected.
Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton told The Jewish Week* in an interview on Tuesday that “it is unfair to put the onus on Israel” for the lack of progress on the Middle East peace front.

*emphasis mine

She's an actress/politician who can say anything convincingly. We must judge her actions and her well documented past, not her speeches. Her pro-Israel line is as genuine as the lovely hair she now sports. If you haven't noticed she's wearing a wig now. Hillary's natural hair has always been much thinner and tended to get greasy and unmanageable. This new look is part of her reinvention, like becoming an instant New Yorker to be elected to the Senate. And there's also talk about some cosmetic surgery, which is also possible and probable considering how she now looks.

I know that American Jews like to vote Democrat  TRADITION!, because the Democrats were in power during World War Two, but I think that there's a serious distortion the their comprehension of the history of the time.

  • The Democrat FDR's Government kept Jewish refugees out of the United States as strictly as they could.
  • The Democrat FDR's Government did nothing to stop the murder of Jews in Europe during World War Two.
  • The Democrat FDR's Government only joined the anti-Nazi war effort to save itself when they feared that if Great Britain was to be conquered the USA would be next especially as the Japanese were active on the Western/Pacific front.
  • The Democrat FDR's Government did not even prepare the American soldiers on how to help the starving Jews who were discovered by surprised soldiers. Many Jews died after being overfed by the soldiers. 

And back to Hillary. 

  • Remember that she was Barack Hussein Obama's Secretary of State during his first term and besides the illegal stuff that is being investigated, she made many bad policy decisions which endangered Americans. 
  • Nothing in her policy was good for the State of Israel, and there's no doubt that things would be worse, or at least a continuation of the Obama regime, if she is elected President of the United

  • And of course there's the infamous Suha kiss, given after the "Palestinian first lady’s claim that Israel was using poison gas to pollute the West Bank’s water and land..."
  • And I consider it totally sexist to vote for her "just because she's a woman." That's choice by sex which is not good for anyone. I can just imagine that in four, eight or twelve years we'll be hearing that it's time for a Black woman to be in the White House, and Michelle Obama will be bulldozed in just for that reason.

There is only one constant theme during Hillary Clinton's public life and that is raw ambition! And that is not the quality needed to be a good President for the United States of America. Excellent speechwriters to not make for an excellent or even decent presidency.