Israeli Paratrooper in desperate need of our help!

Yosef Rabin,

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Yosef Rabin
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An IDF Paratrooper is in desperate need of financial help. His mother committed suicide, his father and brother are in the hospital on life support and his younger brother is losing his mind. Please donate what you can (even $5) and share this story.


The Full Story:

His mother 5 years ago committed suicide in front of him and his father is currently in the hospital with amputated legs in critical condition. If this was not enough, his older brother was recently hit by a car, while crossing the street and is in intensive care fighting for his life. The younger brother divides his time between visiting his father and brother in the hospital and occasionally his brother on his army base.

Tonight I spoke with the commander of this soldier in order to confirm the veracity of this story and he confirmed the details.  We are trying to raise any amount possible, to help this young and brave warrior and his family.

Money will go towards the following:

  • Refurbishment of the apartment, including basic furnishings and appliances.  
  • Weekly cleaning service to maintain the cleanliness in the apartment.
  • Food, clothing and other necessities.

Anything you can give to help this courageous IDF Paratrooper and his family get back on their feet will be very much appreciated. I was explicitly asked not to post the name of the solider or his picture to protect his dignity, but I have posted pictures showing the state of the family aprtament, see below. 

Please also see this article (Hebrew) on Ynet,7340,L-4777796,00.html

If you have questions, please contact me, please note that all phone lines are linked to the my phone in Israel and calculate the time difference accordingly. 


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