Boycott Mishpacha Magazine!

Yosef Rabin,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Yosef Rabin
Yosef Rabin lives and works in Jerusalem and writes on a wide range of issues affecting Israel and the Jewish world. Yosef can be contacted at

As a person who was raised in the democratic tradition, I believe that boycotts of written publications should be reserved only for extreme situations. Sadly, I am now obligated to report such an extreme circumstance. This morning, Mishpacha Magazine, which primarily serves the Charedi Public (Israel and US), published a most dangerous and hateful article.  This morning’s op-ed in Mishpacha was even worse than the “Shafran Blood Libel” that I reported just ten days ago.

The article, which was featured in both Hebrew and Arabic stated:

“We, the haredi community, have no interest in going up to the Temple Mount in our time…We oppose this vehemently… the haredi community has no connection to it. So, please, stop murdering us.”

Read those words carefully and shake:  “The haredi community has no connection to it (The Temple Mount). So, please, stop murdering us.” Is this magazine giving consent to the murder of Jews who continue to ascend the Temple Mount? This was once a Halachic dispute about ascending the Temple Mount. However, now the debate has descended into pure hatred and contempt for the lives of fellow Jews who hold dissenting views.

Mishpacha Magazine has crossed the final red line and the time has come for a boycott!

  • If you have a subsc‎ription to Mishpacha Magazine, please contact the magazine today and unsubscribe.
  • All Jewish Stores must remove the magazine from their shelves.
  • Communities must picket any Jewish store that continues to sell the magazine.
  • Rabbis must speak from the pulpit against purchasing or selling the magazine.
  • Use Email, Blogs, Facebook and Twitter to encourage the boycott.

We shall send a united, strong and clear message: “And they shall announce and say, our hands did not shed this blood, nor did our eyes see [this crime].” Devarim 21:7

Join the Boycott!

Yosef Rabin

The United Temple Mount Movement