"Attackers" The New Euphemism for Terrorists, AFP Yahoo

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Attackers " The New Euphemism for Terrorists, AFP Yahoo

Site of Arab terror attack in Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem Post

Grrr... AFP on Yahoo has a strangely worded article about yesterday's attempt by Arab terrorists to murder innocent children in a school bus:

Attackers shot after trying to board Israeli bus: police
Jerusalem (AFP) - Two alleged Palestinian attackers attempted to board a bus carrying children west of Jerusalem on Wednesday, and stabbed an Israeli before being shot, police said. 

In the article, it seems as if the editor decided to eradicate the more accurate phrase "Arab terrorists" by doing search/replace substitute the very bland term "attackers" instead. Shakespeare so famously asked if "What's in a name? that which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.*" And I want to know if a terrorist by any other name is less dangerous?  A rose is still a rose, no matter what you call it, and a terrorist is a terrorist, no matter what you call it, so why not just use the most accurate and clear, easy to understand, term?

And why does the word "alleged" appear modifying Palestinian attackers? Does it modify Palestinian sic, attackers or the label "Palestinian attackers?" All evidence and witnesses agree that those two Arabs attacked a Jew and beforehand had attempted to board a bus full of children, so "alleged" just editorializes as pro-Arab terror and to cast doubt on the Israeli report. And APF does recognize the Arabs asPalestinians sic, so these terrorists who have been named and are from the Hebron area fit what APF calls Palestinians. So these three words that open the article already show that this will not be an accurate and objective news article.

And the title, whether from Yahoo News or AFP is a total distortion of the event it purports to report. Granted it alludes to the fact that the men shot could be guilty of something because of the word "attackers," but it leaves out the most fact that they were shot after attacking an innocent Israeli teenager outside of a synagogue.

Officers saw the two men while they were stabbing a Jewish passerby at the bus station. The police engaged the assailants, shooting them and wounding them. (Jerusalem Post)

As much as I do not like the use of the word "Palestinian" to be used, because it's a relatively modern invented identity to undermine the legitimacy of the State of Israel, I'm beginning to like the fact that it is used together with terrorist as in "Palestinian terrorists," which can make people realize that the two go hand in hand. The so-called "Palestinians" and the PA-Palestinian Authority do favor terror against Jews. It's no secret.

Before I finish, I must praise the alertness of the Israeli public, the school bus driver and the police who prevented a greater tragedy. As I've written in my "Protection Against Terrorists? TIPS!" article, this isn't the time to walk around or wait around with earphones blocking out sound or to be busy with a smartphone or anything like that when in public. We must stay aware and alert at all times. No dozing in the sun at bus stops or park benches. That's a luxury we can't afford. The terrorists go after easy victims, like the Biblical Amalek. Being alert can save your life and the lives of others.

Remember that terrorists attack, and Arab attackers are terrorists!

Enough with the euphemisms!!