The Henkin Murder and the Olympic Games

Susie Dym,

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Susie Dym
Susie Dym serves as spokesperson for Mattot Arim, with over 20 years of expertise on "peace-for-peace" issues.
Stephen Flatow, a great American-Jewish activist, has just written a new op-ed: “What US Jews Can Do in Response to the Henkin Murders”.
In a nutshell, Adv. Flatow – himself a bereaved father, just like the Henkins -  explains that we must all help terminate the legitimacy Palestinian terrorism enjoys from the civilized world.

For one thing, it’s time to INSIST that the International Olympics Committee discontinue its association with Palestinian terrorism and in particular – with Palestinian  terrorism advocate Jibril Rajoub.

Why? Because unbelievably, the International Olympics Committee recognizes Rajoub  – to this day – as chairman of an official Olympic Committee:

The International Olympics committee has been informed, in recent months, that:

* Rajoub has appeared on public television and incited his people to slaughter civilians:
Rajoub has also made anti-Semitic remarks on public television (“Jews, Satans, Zionist sons of bitches”).
* Rajoub has sponsored a sports tournament named after a mass murderer of civilians:
Note: Dalal Mughrabi hijacked a bus, killing 37 civilians including 12 children.
* Rajoub has publicly praised a mass murderer  who planned a bombing attack in which 15 were killed and over 60 wounded
Rajoub said this murderer was a “hero” and “legend”, “the most noble among the noble ... [worthy] of receiving the utmost honor and appreciation”.

An ethical complaint against Rajoub was sent to the International Olympics committee  many months ago, by the brave family of emergency room physician Dr. David Applebaum. As you may recall, the entire Jewish world was shocked when Dr. Applebaum was brutally murdered by Palestinian terrorism with his daughter Naava. a bride who was to have been married that day. The New York Times report ran a headline reading, “A healer of terror victims becomes one”. Here is a video clip of Naava Applebaum working as a volunteer to assist cancer patients:

If you are willing to join the Applebaum family’s brave quest to terminate the legitimacy of Palestinian terrorism, write to  any of the following members of the International Olympic Committee,  using the following email addresses:

HRH Crown Prince Frederik of DENMARK, International Olympic Committee member, care of Danish Embassy in Washington,

HSH the Princess Nora of LIECHTENSTEIN; International Olympic Committee member, care of Secretary General Mr. René Schierscher,;
HRH the Grand Duke of LUXEMBOURG, International Olympic Committee member, c/o Luxembourg Government Press Office,
HM King Willem-Alexander of the NETHERLANDS, International Olympic Committee member, c/o Government Press Office,  OR c/o Dutch embassy in New York,
Henry Kissinger, International Olympic Committee member,  --;
Thomas Bach, International Olympic Committee member, only by fax, to:   +41 21 621 62 16 .

Your letter can be entitled “Ethics complaint – stop ignoring the Applebaum family!”, and  can say something like:

I understand that you are a member of the  International Olympic Committee. 
When does the International Olympic Committee plan to respond to the ethical complaint filed by the Applebaum family from Israel?
It is my understanding that this family contacted the International Olympic Committee many months ago,  in the matter of terrorism advocate Jibril Rajoub who is an official representative of  the International Olympic Committee.
Isn’t it time that you responded to this family’s rightful complaint?
I hope to hear from you.
Sincerely (YOUR FULL NAME)

Another approach: Notify your rabbi, senator, Jewish newspaper or media outlet, and any Jewish organization you are in touch with, that the International Olympic Committee   has thus far omitted to respond to the Applebaum family’s letters to the Olympic Committee. Feel free to contact me, Susie Dym, by email to  sddym at, or to our organization’s inbox (mattot.arim at gmail), if you get any  sort of response, whether positive or negative.

Together we can and will get Western civilization to STOP turning a blind eye to terrorism.
This is Susie Dym, spokesperson for Mattot Arim, writing to you from Israel.