Threats from the Arab Moderates

David Rubin,

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לבן ריק
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David Rubin
David Rubin is former mayor of Shiloh, Israel. He is founder and president of Shiloh Israel Children"s Fund, and the author of five books, including The Islamic Tsunami and his latest, More Sparks From Zion. For more info, click on these links: or

What is an Arab (Muslim) moderate? Is such a term an oxymoron, or does the media consist of morons who routinely use such a term to refer to the leaders of countries/entities such as Egypt, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority?

Within forty-eight hours, two supposed Arab moderate leaders are threatening Israel. Jordan’s King Abdullah is warning of an “explosion” on the Temple Mount, accusing Israel of "provocations" and is threatening to "take action" should Israel not refrain from protecting non-Muslim visitors to the site where the Holy Temple of Israel stood for hundreds of years.

"It is without doubt a dangerous violation of Islamic holy places," Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said of Israeli subsequent law enforcement at a press conference with EU president Donald Tusk, urging Israel to take "immediate and effective steps" to defuse tensions.

What remains unstated by these so-called moderates is that the Islamic structures on the Temple Mount were intentionally built on the ruins of the Holy Temple, both to hide the ruins from the Jewish site and to show the triumph of Islam over the Jews. Not a very noble or moral intention, especially given that the Jews were sovereign in Jerusalem many hundreds of years before the rise of Islam some fourteen hundred years ago.

Furthermore, the Arab leaders’ transparently self-serving statements have been uttered in the wake of many months of organized violent attacks and brutal harassment by Muslim worshippers on Jewish and other visitors to the holy site. The Israeli police have finally been ordered not just to protect the Jewish visitors from outright injury, but to actually stop the harassment.

Therefore, the pugnacious comments by Sisi and Abdullah have no basis in reality, unless one includes the sick reality of Islamic knee-jerk bias against Israel. True Sisi and Abdullah don’t like Hamas, but their natural Islamic hatred of Israel is apparently much stronger than their moderate images might lead one to believe. A true moderate wouldn’t criticize freedom of worship for Jews on their holiest site, nor would he make veiled threats of violence against Israelis for defending those basic rights.

In fact, the verbal warfare began just a couple of days prior, when Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, called for violence at the Temple Mount against Jews saying: "the Al-Aqsa (Temple Mount.) is ours...and they (Jews) have no right to defile it with their filthy feet." These words were spoken by the man that the Israeli elites fondly call “Abu Mazen”, the Israeli Left’s beloved, and, oh so moderate partner for peace.

Moderates, indeed…