Lets return to 1967 NOT 1973

Yosef Rabin,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Yosef Rabin
Yosef Rabin lives and works in Jerusalem and writes on a wide range of issues affecting Israel and the Jewish world. Yosef can be contacted at ymrabin@gmail.com...

It appears that once again War is on Israel's doorstep. 

Israel is facing a much stronger and well equipped Hezbollah who have mass amount weapons stored in numerous population centers across Lebonan. Over 100,000 sophisticated Rockets and missiles can hit any town or city throughout Israel, thus turning the entire State of Israel into a front line. Israel is running drills now to prepare for 4,000 Jewish deaths in the first day of the war. 

Let us hope and pray that Israel has the wisdom and strength to hit the enemy hard and fast in an offensive war, thus resulting in a 1967 style victory and not heaven forbid  a Yom Kippur style defeat. 

I just want to end with the Bracha that we recite after reading the Megillah on Purim, may all Am Yisrael have the merit of reciting this bracha - this year and this critical time. 

בָּרוּךְ אַתָּה יְיָ אֱלֹהֵֽינוּ מֶֽלֶךְ הָעוֹלָם, הָרָב אֶת רִיבֵֽנוּ וְהַדָּן אֶת דִּינֵֽנוּ וְהַנּוֹקֵם אֶת נִקְמָתֵֽנוּ וְהַמְשַׁלֵּם גְּמוּל לְכָל אוֹיְבֵי נַפְשֵֽׁנוּ וְהַנִּפְרָע לָֽנוּ מִצָּרֵֽינוּ. בָּרוּךְ אַתָּה יְיָ הַנִּפְרָע לְעַמּוֹ יִשְׂרָאֵל מִכָּל צָרֵיהֶם הָאֵל הַמּוֹשִֽׁיעַ:‏

Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe, who wages our battles, defends our rights, avenges the wrong done to us, punishes our oppressors in behalf, and brings retribution upon all our mortal enemies. Blessed are You Lord, who exacts payment on behalf of His people Israel from all their oppressors; God who delivers. (Amen)