Iran Tortures Dogs to Death with Acid Injections

US Israel Supporter,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
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US Israel Supporter

Israel and its supporters have an opportunity to generate worldwide revulsion for militant "Islam" by circulating graphic videos of vicious cruelty to animals by practitioners of this depraved ideology. "Iran: Outrage as video shows stray dogs being 'injected with acid' in Shiraz" says

"The footage showed the dogs dying in agony after being injected in Shiraz, capital of Fars province. It was filmed by animal activists who alleged that the people who killed the dogs were paid $4 (£2.70) for each animal they injected with acid."

(Caution; do not watch these videos on a full stomach.)

In Spain, meanwhile, Islamist immigrants are poisoning dogs, and assaulting their owners.  I have personally seen sickening videos of Islamist youths pouring gasoline or petrol on dogs and donkeys, and setting the animals on fire for entertainment. In another video, a mob of Islamists brought in a dog (which seemed to trust them, and was wagging its tail), attacked it with a knife, and then clubbed it to death while a man restrained it with a rope. Islamists in Sweden stole a pet goat, and then slaughtered it. Here is a sickening video of Islamists in Syria kicking a donkey until it falls off a cliff, and then laughing and jabbering while it dies.

Genuine Muslims do not (in contrast to Islamists) behave in this manner, and we have a local Pakistani veterinarian who has donated countless hours of his time to helping badly injured animals. It is important to remember the difference.