Netanyahu Succeeded in His Mission Before Saying a Word

Rochel Sylvetsky,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
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Rochel Sylvetsky
Rochel Sylvetsky is Senior Consultant to Arutz Sheva's English site and serves as op-ed and Judaism editor. She is a former Chairperson of Emunah Israel (1991-96), CEO/Director of Kfar Hanoar Hadati Youth Village, member of the Emek Zevulun Regional Council and the Religious Education Council of Israel's Education Ministry. She has degrees in Mathematics and Jewish Education.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, vilified and criticized for accepting Speaker of the House John Boehner's invitation to address Congress in spite of the ridiculous snubbing by Obama and Democrats who follow his instructions, not to mention certain Jewish leaders, did what he set out to do before saying a word. 

He put the Iranian nuclear issue on the table of every American - and that of most of the West. That's where it should be.

Iran's nuclear aspirations are now familiar to all Americans. Not from the speech, but from the brouhaha surrounding it. Obama cannot simply use executive privilege to reach an agreement against Congress' will without anyone noticing what he is doing, as he hoped to do.

Ironically, it is the US president's be‎havior that made the speech frontpage news for a month, causing an Israeli news announcer to wail tongue in cheek this morning , that there is going to be no more news for the media to present now that the speech is finally going to be heard.

Israel's leftist media spent weeks, as did Herzog and Livni, Dagan and Yadlin, castigating the idea of Bibi's speaking, warning of the damage to US-Israel relations - all untrue and all motivated by the only thing that matters to them, preventing Binyamin Netanyahu from gaining exposure and respect.

They continued their vindictive assaults in the foreign media, with Yadlin even broadcasting from the AIPAC conference. They are doing it now in the Israeli media, after the speech. And it doesn't matter in the least.

Somehow, the fact that the Prime Minister is acting for Israel is less important to them. Does anyone remember the rule that one does not criticize Israel when out of the country?

They tried to cover up their partisan criticism and anger by saying that quiet diplomacy is the way to work, as if that had not been thought of before.

And is it going to be Herzog's scintillating personality that will convince Obama? Make Rouhani accept a Jewish state? And can Buji explain why he turned down the invitation to go to AIPAC and show a unified policy of fighting for Israel's existence against a sworn enemy? Like a statesman would have, someone who is above the level of Channel 2 newscaster Yonit Levi?

Thank  you, Mr. Prime Minister, for standing up for us all. What you say is less important than the fact that you had the courage and Zionistic spirit to say it - and for the fact that everyone now knows how real the danger is..