Likud in Opposition?

Batya Medad ,

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Batya Medad
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Likud in Opposition?

Polls are showing that there's a chance that the united Left Labor-Livni list could out-poll Likud in the upcoming 2015, 5775, Israeli Elections.

Poll: Joint Herzog-Livni list could outscore Likud
Combined Labor-Hatnua could win 23 seats, compared to 21 for Likud 21, but separately would dip below Netanyahu’s party

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I have no doubt that the Likud will use that "threat" as campaign scare tactics against any other Center-Right or Right party running. The Likud has done that before, and considering that the largest/most popular public opinion is more Right than Left in Israel, it usually works.  And please don't forget that two elections ago, Livni's Kadima, yes, she seems to frequently flit from party to party as a true loyal and consistent political opportunist, got more MKs than Bibi Netanyahu's Likud, but she didn't succeed in putting together a coalition.

Does this scenario of a Leftist government frighten me?
Do I think that it would be bad to have the Likud in the Opposition?

As much as I oppose the loony Left Isaac (rather a disgrace to his late grandfather's name) Herzog's ideology, I can't imagine him doing any worse than Bibi's Center Left anti-hareidi government has done of late.

Actually, I think it would be a good lesson to Likud to spend some time in the Opposition. It should remind them and teach them that trying to straddle the Center of the political spectrum is not an honorable position.

Bibi hasn't done much for Jewish Rights and building in the Land of Israel, not even in Jerusalem. Like the person who faints at the sight of a needle and never gets vaccinated, he hasn't built homes for Jews, and he hasn't really approved many if any new large building projects. The minute American Government officials start complaining he clams up and freezes them, again. Yes, I say again, because many of these touted projects are the same ones he has been promising for years.

If it happens that Loony Left Labor-Livni-Herzog try to put together a coalition, I hope that NRP-Bennett stays away and joins Likud-Netanya on the vocal backbench. If they do that, there's a chance that the Left won't succeed in getting the required 61 MKs on-board. And that brings us to Lieberman and the possible Kahlon. Are they Right, Left, Center or Opportunist, willing to go with anyone who offers a seat and Volvo?