Historic Day: Mass Water Libation Rehearsal Ceremony!

Yosef Rabin,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Yosef Rabin
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Today we took another small, but significant step in restoring Temple consciousness to the Jewish Nation. Every Jew knows that the holiday of Sukkot features the popular Simchat Beit Hashoeva parties that serve as a reminder to the original water libation ceremony that took place in the Temple before its destruction. While this modern party of remembrance are joyful events, they are very far from the real thing. 

Today for the first time in 1,945 years many people got to see the original ceremony done replete with priests in their special garments, a replica of the Temple Alter and a mass procession down the Shiloach spring. Because we did not enter the place of the Temple on the Temple Mount, it was stressed by organizers that this water libation ceremony was only a rehearsal for the real thing and the blessings recited by the priests did not include the name of God so as to make it un-official.

The procession started with about 500 men, women and children singing and dancing from the old city to the Shiloach spring, which was the original place used to draw water in the time of the Temple. After the water was drawn into a special golden goblet, special silver trumpets were blown and the procession went back to the old city accompanied by live Music where thousands more joined us in the central square in the Jewish quarter. The Alter was surrounded by willows on each corner and the priests encircled the Alter with the water goblet and an additional goblet of specially made wine. After the appropriate blessings (without Gods name) were pronounced by the priests, the wine and water was poured on the Alter accompanied by blasts of the silver trumpets.

Today’s event was organized and sponsored by the Temple Institute and the United Temple Mount Movements.

Please enjoy 

these pictures and videos and may we merit to see the real thing next year on the Temple Mount in the place of the Temple. 

The priests are ready in their special clothing, 

Presenting the vessels to the priests 

The Procession down to the Shiloach Spring 

Crowds begin to Gather at the Shiloach Spring 

Crowds Swell to thousand in the central square of the Jewish Quater

The Priests pour and bless the libations.