Is America Next?

Dr. Joseph Frager,

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לבן ריק
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Dr. Joseph Frager
The writer is a leading American pro-Israel activist who sponsors and coordinates many Zionist events. He is clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine (Gastroenterology & Liver Diseases) at the Einstein School of Medicine as well as a practicing physician.

Just as Yasir Arafat orchestrated the Intifada of 2000 while ostensibly talking Peace in Camp David, Hamas has been planning a massive Tunnel War ever since Operation Cast Lead in 2008.
There have been reports that this was supposed to happen on the Jewish New Year but was pre-empted by Israel's Defensive Action-"Operation Protective Edge".

he Kidnapping and Murder of Neftali Fraenkel, Gilad Shaar, and Eyal Yifrach which prompted Israel's Defensive Operation was no doubt a part of an overall strategy by Hamas leading up to its planned Tunnel Invasion in September. Its stockpiling of rockets in schools, mosques, hospitals, and UN installations was all part of a very well thought out strategy to curry world sympathy to tie Israel's hands when defensive action by Israel would be taken.

The Tunnel network, is so vast and intricate that Israel is having a more difficult time destroying them than initially thought. The amount of American Taxpayer money that has been invested in these tunnels could well have been used for the Humanitarian purposes that they were designed for in good faith. Had that happened and the funds were used for their proper purposes, Gaza could well be an economic powerhouse instead of an overcrowded Slum. Hamas has no intention of ever giving up on its dream to destroy Israel.

This is as clear as its ever been. However, Hamas along with the Muslim Brotherhood has its sights on much larger terrain.-namely America. Hamas has empowered Jihad across the Globe with its ultimate focus on America.If we in America think for a minute that we are safe and immune from the Jihad that is now being waged we are wrong. There is a well planned long term strategy being orchestrated by Hamas and its surrogates. The current administration has directly or indirectly encouraged the Jihad movement.

It has never met it head on. It has allowed it to grow and prosper. In fact, it has allowed more Muslim Brotherhood Adherents into America than any previous Administration. Remember that President Obama supported the so called Arab Spring and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Unless, the Obama Administration changes course and and makes an immediate 180 degree turn America maybe next.  Watch out !