No More Debate! We are building our מקדש (Holy Temple)

Yosef Rabin,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
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Yosef Rabin
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This is a continuation of my last article The 9 Days? Open Letter to Jews Worldwide


No More Tears! Now we shall build our Holy Temple!

To my Jewish brothers around the world and to all who yearn to connect to the One True God of Israel and the world - THE DEBATE IS OVER!

This 9 Day period of mourning, this coming תשעה באב (9th of Av) shall be different from all others! During this time all of the Jewish People will surly unite in helping to lay the floor plans for the בית המקדש )Holy Temple) that we have been waiting for 1,947 to build! Rabbi Chaim Richman, International Director of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem has announced an amazing plan to complete all architectural preparations for the actual construction of the בית המקדש (Holy Temple)!

This is the moment of truth and now we will know if the Jewish People truly want to fulfill the  מצוה מן התורה(Biblical commandment) of rebuilding or perhaps “rebuild the Temple”  has become just another empty slogan.

Rabbi Yissachar Shlomo Teichtal הי"ד (May God Avenge His Blood, he was killed by the Nazis in the Holocaust) wrote a very holy work called אם הבנים שמחה (The Happy Mother of Children) in which he gives an amazing understand of the redemption of Israel and the Holy Temple.

Rabbi Teichtal quotes the great Sephardic scholar Rabbi Yehuda Alcalay, who authored the מנחת יהודה (The Offering of Yehuda) the following amazing insight:

It says in ספר הושע (Prophet Hosea)

ג, ה)   אחר, ישבו בני ישראל, ובקשו את-יהוה אלהיהם, ואת דויד מלכם; ופחדו אל-יהוה ואל-טובו, באחרית הימים.)  

3:5 Afterwards the Children of Israel will return and seek out the Lord their God and David their King, and they will tremble for the Lord and for His goodness in the end of days.

“The Children of Israel were exiled because they despised three things: the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of David and the Beit Hamikdash. R Shimon ben Menassiya stated: The people of Israel will not be shown a good sign until they return and seek out these three things. As it says (Hoshea 3:5) “Afterwards the children of Israel will return and seek out the lord” – this refers to the Kingdom of Heaven; “and David their king” – according to its simple meaning; “and they will tremble for the Lord and his goodness”-this refers to the Holy Temple, as it says “This good mountain”.   The people of Israel were exiled only because they despised the Land of Israel as it is written, “And they despised the desirable land” (Pslams 106:24). Rabbi Alcalay mentions that the 3 things which we must seek out can only be attained in Israel. It is for this reason that our holy sages instituted that we should Daven 3 times a day in the Shemona Esrei and “seek out” these three things.

It was only when we returned to the Land that we began to be shown the “good sign”.

Friends we have been praying 3 times a day for 1,947 years for the reconstruction of the Temple. If only 1 person prayed 3 times day for the last 1,947 years that would amount to 2,131,965 prayers for the rebuilding of the Temple!  Since we know that millions of Jews in every generation have uttered these prayers, its number can only be counted like the stars in the sky and sand on the beaches of the earth.  IF WE DO NOT TAKE PHYSICAL ACTIONS TO BUILD IT; IT WILL NEVER BE BUILT!!!

Now the time has come to physically prepare so that we may be shown a good sign!

I call upon each and every one of you to take a moment and stop crying over the Temple and start doing something to rebuild it!


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