Iraq's Kristallnacht for Christians

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Nun: The Sign of Genocide reports that ISIS Islamists in Iraq are marking Christian homes with the Arabic symbol nun, N for Nazarene (Christian). The purpose is to identify them for looting, and possible genocide of the inhabitants. Now, for those of us to whom Never Again means exactly that, as opposed to the United Nations where it is a slogan, where have we seen something like this in the past?

Nun, Iraq's Yellow Star of David

There is a legend to the effect that, when the Nazis ordered Denmark's Jews to wear yellow Stars of David to facilitate their deportation to concentration camps, the King of Denmark, whose example his people soon imitated, put on a yellow star himself so the Nazis could not identify the Jews. It turns out that the Nazis never did give this order, and that the non-Jewish Danes never put on these symbols, but there is some truth behind the legend.

As already indicated, most legends (as well as simply rumors) usually have some foot in reality. In this case, the presumed facts as depicted in the cartoon was an interchange between Danish prime minister, Thorvald Stauning and the King about the eventuality that Danish Jews be required to wear the yellow star should Erik Scavenius, the more-German friendly foreign minister, become head the new government, which was increasingly insisted upon by the Germans. Thorvald Stauning Prime Minister of Denmark. In office 1924 - 1926. Source Wikipedia The captions read: Stauning: “What should we do then, your Majesty?” The King: “Then we must all wear the Yellow Star’!

Now, however, civilized human beings from around the world are posting the "nun" symbol  on their Web pages, social media avatars, and so on, in support of Iraq's Christians. The original "nun" image that people are using is available here, without the Star of David.