Strike Back Against Islamist Propaganda

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לבן ריק
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US Israel Supporter

Tuvia Brodie's The savagery of the Arab propaganda war underscores what I wrote previously about the inadequacy of Israel's psychological warfare, and indeed that of the entire civilized world. Brodie alleges credibly that Hamas, or its sympathizers, took photos of the murdered Fogel family and tried to pass them off as Israeli air raid victims (i.e. a blood libel). The enemy was, however, sufficiently stupid to get caught lying:

Not only do the pictures look exactly like the murder-scene at the Fogel house, one picture contains a stunning image: a large Mezuzah on a door post, a dead blood-splattered child lying on the floor inside the room beyond the door-post, with the Mezuzah clearly visible.

Since Hamas has made Gaza Judenrein, it is unlikely that any house in Gaza would have a Mezuzah on its door--although Islamists elsewhere are forcing Christians to put the equivalent of yellow Stars of David on their homes and businesses, and even worse