The Israelity! 11-Point Ceasefire Plan

Mark B. Kaplan,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
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Mark B. Kaplan
Mark is the director of the Office for Israeli Constitutional Law (OFICL), advocating Jewish rights to all the Land of Israel under International and Domestic law and lectures and educates about Jewish legal rights. From 2002–2006, Mark was INN-TV's news editor, producer, and studio anchor, and he served as the General Manager of Israel Independent TV news from 2006-2009. Visit the OFICL web site at e-mail ...

Hamas is crying to Egypt to intervene and secure a ceasefire between the terrorists and Israel.

Why would Israel agree to a ceasefire? Ahhh, I know...So we will need to go back into Gaza in another three years for a repeat performance.

Okay, if Hamas wants a ceasefire, here are the conditions we should demand.  I call this the Israelity! 11-point ceasefire plan:

1) A 100% cessation of rocket fire from Gaza; No grace period!

2) Immediately (with or without an agreement) Any rocket fired at Israel from Gaza will be met with a minimum of a tenfold response

3) Hamas will turn over all Gaza rockets to Israel for destruction

4) Since none of us are so naive to believe Hamas would do this in good faith, Israel, along with a neutral western country as a monitor, will enter Gaza on the ground for an intense search for rockets and illegal weapons.

5) The same force will search for, and oversee the destruction of the mass network of smuggling tunnels.

6) Israel, in cooperation with Egypt, will build an anti-tunnel system along the Gaza/Sinai border. This anti-tunnel security system will be the equivalent to the Judea/Samaria Security fence. It will be a hi-tech system of sensors and underground barriers with a surrounding access road for dealing jointly with any attempts to tunnel across the border (the practical technology is not an issue).

7) Zero tolerance for any breach of ceasefire or any attacks. Any violations by Arab terrorist not only will grant justification for an unrestrained response, but must obligate Israel to respond militarily immediately.

8) Hamas must be dissolved, and all terror activity must be prevented by the Gaza security services, or their security service will be held personally accountable for any breach of the ceasefire and will be subject to attack.

9) The ceasefire status will be assessed on the first of every month. Any perceived gaps in the security arrangements must be fixed no later than midnight that same day, or Gaza leadership will again become an open target.

10) Any time Gaza security personnel are requested by Israel to either arrest or turn over a ticking bomb terrorist or any wanted terrorist, Gaza Security must comply and report to Israel how it is dealing with the request. 

11) Gaza's leadership will be accountable for seeing that all broadcast, textbooks and publications are censored to remove incitement. Israel will establish a media monitoring committee. Each violation of anti-incitement agreement will be sanctioned with a 10,000,000 NIS fine to be deducted from PA tax revenue scheduled to be transferred.