The kidnapping: the consequences of Jew-hate

Tuvia Brodie,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
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Tuvia Brodie
Tuvia Brodie has a PhD from the University of Pittsburgh under the name Philip Brodie. He has worked for the University of Pittsburgh, Chatham College and American Express. He and his wife made aliyah in 2010. All of his children have followed. He believes in Israel's right to exist. He believes that the words of Tanach (the Jewish Bible) are meant for us. His blog address is He usually publishes 3-4 times a week on his blog and 1-3 times at Arutz Sheva. Please check the blog regularly for new posts.

Today is June 30, 2014. Eighteen days ago, three Jewish boys were kidnapped.  Two were 16. One was 19. They were students. Hamas has said repeatedly that the boys were soldiers. They were not.

They were civilians. They had committed no capital crime against the Arab. They had no direct link to any hostilities between Arab and Jew. They were innocent.

Now, they are dead.

They were murdered. Their murdered bodies were found where the IDF (Israel Defence Force) had been looking for them—in the hills surrounding Hevron.

Just a couple of days ago, one anti-Israel reader of a kidnap story mocked us. The kidnapping never happened, he said. They boys were on ‘vacation’, he mocked. The story, he said, was a lie.

Our boys are dead. When we said they had been kidnapped, we hadn’t lied.

The Arab lies. Jew-haters lie. Arabs and Jew-haters mock us.

They want to see us dead. Will they celebrate these murders? Will they hand out candies? Will they laugh at our sorrow?

Last night, Arabs fired rockets at Israel from Gaza. Israeli Intelligence has said that it was Hamas who fired the rockets, not some fringe group. Was that barrage Hamas’ way to celebrate these murders?

Hamas and Fatah officials have repeatedly accused Israel of lying about this incident. They couldn’t stop repeating their accusation. Israel, they said, had made it up.

We do not lie. The Arab lies. Jew-haters lie.

Hamas and Fatah told the nations of the world that Israel was using a fake kidnap story as a pretext to ‘invade’ ‘Palestine’. They claimed there was no evidence the boys were missing. It was a lie, they said.

We do not lie. The Arab lies. Jew-haters lie.

They lie because they do not want peace. They lie because they hate peace. They lie because they want us dead.

Somehow, within their moral code, lying and killing Jews go together. They lie for ‘justice’. They lie so they can kill Jews.

Our three boys are gone. Our children have been torn from us.

They were murdered in cold blood.  They were murdered because they were Jews.

They will never complete their studies. They will never marry. They will never have a family of their own.

Their parents will bury them.

They were children. They were murdered.

Jew-haters did it. For this reason, our boys died sanctifying G-d’s name—because the Jewish people are G-d’s people. Their souls become sanctified. They have given up the last full measure of life because they worshipped the Jewish G-d of Israel.

This afternoon, an IDF Humvee ambulance drove into the Hevron hills to bring our boys back to us. The Humvee ambulance returned to us with its sacred cargo.

As the ambulance drove its way through the Hevron hills, Arabs stoned it. They smashed that ambulance’s windshield. This ambulance was attacked by Jew-haters whose hate is so vicious they would stone a medical evac vehicle.  

That’s how Jew-haters treat Jews. Jew-haters have no compassion. They have only hate. They know only lies. They believe only in killing.

They want Jews dead. They will even stone the dead.

Arab hate has murdered our children. These murders are not only a crime against humanity. They are a crime against G-d.

June 30, 2014 is the second day of the Jewish month, Tammuz. It is a day of mourning for the nation of Israel. Our Heritage teaches that we praise G-d even when terrible things happen; for we do not know or understand evil; we do not know G-d's plan. Therefore, today we say only, Blessed are you the True Judge (Brachot, 60b).Today we say only, Blessed is the True Judge.

Tomorrow, we will look at the 413 Hamas members we have arrested over the last eighteen days.

In law, all members of a gang who commit crimes are liable even when only one or two members of that gang commit a new crime. We should hold onto those 413 arrestees. We should prepare to act against them.

Hamas now claims that if it is blamed for these murders, then all hell will break loose. They will not accept responsibility for killing a Jew.

Israel should impose that responsibility upon them. If the murderers of our three boys turn out to be Hamas members, Israel should seek the death penalty for all 413 arrestees. We should prosecute them all to the fullest measure of the law.

Israel does not have a death penalty for killing Jews. Perhaps now, our Knesset should pass a new law.

Blessed is the True Judge.