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Ari Soffer,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Ari Soffer
Born in London, UK, he was active in a variety of pro-Israel and counterextremism organizations before making Aliyah and joining Arutz Sheva in 2013. Today he lives in the ancient Jewish town of Shiloh, in Israel's Samaria region. Follow him on Twitter: @AriSoffer1 Read Ari's Op-Eds here....

As you will have noticed, Arutz Sheva's new website includes an array of new features, one of which is our exciting new blogging platform: Zion's Corner.

Zion's Corner is a different kind of blog. It is a place reserved exclusively for "movers and shakers" - be they activists, policy-makers or experts in their field - to share their views on topics ranging from Israel, Zionism, the Jewish world and the wider Middle East.

By restricting our pool of potential bloggers in this way, we aim to produce a discourse that is interesting, engaging and informed, providing our readers with a place they know they will find interesting and relevant content, as oppose to angry rants and uninformed "noise".

Despite this, our bloggers are a diverse bunch - spanning the political spectrum and hailing from a remarkably diverse range of backgrounds. They include both well-known names and less "famous" activists, whose contributions to the public discourse is certainly no less important and, most crucially, is an active one.

This variety of opinions is something we are proud of, and we are constantly looking for fresh perspectives to join our rapidly-expanding pool of writers.

The essence of Zion's Corner lies in its name. 

Our objective is to create a space where a healthy, open and confident pro-Israel discourse can be formulated - making sure to include as many opinions as possible, but without the insidious influence of groups who purport to support Israel even as they work to undermine it.

Our bloggers may have a lot of differences of opinion but there is one thing they agree on: all of them stand in Israel's corner.

Welcome to Zion's Corner.