Imagine! And other Idle Delusions

Chloé Valdary,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
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Chloé Valdary
Chlo&eacute Simone Valdary is a Zionist and pro-Israel activist. She is a junior and an International Studies Major at the University of New Orleans. In 2012, Chlo&eacute created the group Allies of Israel on her campus to promote the Jewish state and Israel advocacy. In the spring of 2013, She held the first pro-Israel rally on her school"s campus, called "Declare Your Freedom." Over 100 people were in attendance, and the speech she gave went semi-viral in 10 days. As a result of her work, she was named one of the top 100 people positively affecting Jewish and Israeli life in the Algemeiner"s inaugural celebration of this category. This list included notable figures like Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Barack Obama, and filmmaker Stephen Spielberg. Chloe has written articles for Arutz Sheva, The Jewish Press, CAMERA on Campus and The Times of Israel. Chloe is also the assistant of directors for the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel (ISBI) and a fellow...

I knew the moment the POTUS  prefaced his speech at the UN with flowery references to how he had, along with Russia, found a diplomatic solution to the problem with Syria’s stockpile of WMDs, I knew immediately where he was going next with regards to Iran. I hardly ever watch speeches by the POTUS. I honestly prefer to save myself the agony and nauseating feeling I get that inevitably comes with his often contradictory utopian orations. Nevertheless, I felt it prudent to watch this speech because what was to be said would mark a turning point and would show the true colors of the POTUS. 

Let me write that again. President Obama’s speech at the UN represented a true turning point in US-Israel relations and I hope you all caught it and realized its implications. 

There were very important points that need to be discussed and analyzed if we in the pro-Israel community are to effectively predict how pro-Israel sentiment in this country will be reflected in the general populace in the future, or rather, if it will be represented on a meaningful scale at all. In speaking about Syria, interspersed in the president’s comments was the notion that when America is threatened with terrorism, she will respond. However,  he also pointed out that these core interests are not “our only interests.” That nice little segue provided the president an opportunity to tell us all what our new core interests would be, going forward: The Arab-Israeli conflict and Iran. 

Iran is of utmost importance, the first on Israel’s agenda in terms of national security, so I will address it first. The POTUS expressed optimism in light of President Rouhani’s statements which showed an ostensible sign of willingness to negotiate and to curve its nuclear weapons program. Obama also expressed great delight in the fact that Ayatollah Khamenei issued a fatwa against the development of nuclear weapons. As a result of this and other rhetorical skills shown by the same despots who murder women if they are raped, President Obama has decided to send John Kerry to break boundaries, meet with Rouhani, and sing Kumbayah, all of course, over a cup of Persian tea. Days later, Obama announced that he had called Rouhani in an apparently “hurriedly arranged” historical phone conversation with the hopes of defusing the nuclear issue with the country. 

I realize that I am merely a college student, not yet out of my undergraduate studies, but I am greatly disturbed by the fact that the level of intelligence I have access to vis-á-vis Google seems vastly more competent than whatever intelligence sources President Obama is using. A simple google search of Rouhani’s background will show an amateur who knows nothing about Middle Eastern politics that the man is a complete fraud. In a recently released video. Rouhani is seen bragging about deceiving the West into buying time for Iran’s nuclear program: 

The day that we invited the three European ministers [to the talks], only 10 centrifuges were spinning at [the Iranian nuclear facility of Natanz.] We could not produce one gram of U4 or U6...We did not have the heavy-water production. We could not produce yellow cake. Our total production of centrifuges inside the country was 150.  We wanted to complete all of these, we needed time...We did not stop; we completed the program.” 

This progress in the Iranian nuclear weapons development program was completed under the supervision of the same Ayatollah Khameini who issued a fatwa against nuclear weapons and who just learned the lyrics to John Lenon’s Imagine. Rouhani spoke these words when George W. Bush was still in office. Even then, the US thought they had been successful in halting Iran’s program. But we were wrong. Can a leopard change its spots? 

In addition to his sinister methods,  Rouhani was  involved in the bombing of the AMIA Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1994. A statement from the prosecuting team in Argentina read as follows: “With regard to the committee’s role in the decision to carry out the AMIA attack … this decision was made under the direction of Ali Khamenei, and that the other members of the committee were [then-Iranian president Ali Akbar Hashemi] Rafsanjani, Mir Hejazi, Rouhani, Velayati and Fallahijan.” An Iranian defect, by the name of Abolghasem Mesbahi supported this finding and testified in 2006 that Rouhani was apart of  a special committee led by the Ayatollah that made the decision to execute the attack. So while Rouhani has a history of duplicity and deceiving the West, he is also complicit in murder. 

Leaving all of this aside, and disregarding the fact that it seems a bit sub par that President Obama apparently has really really really really really poor intelligence sources, something else is quite disturbing to me. Iran is aligned with Syria’s Bashar al Assad.  That the POTUS who threatened Syria’s leaders with contained strikes would simultaneously agree to negotiate with the leaders of a despotic regime which murders its own people, oppresses them, and campaigns against everything Obama heralded in his speech, AND that aligns itself with the same leadership Obama threatened with precision strikes, that I find morally repugnant and obscenely hypocritical. But, more importantly, I find that reflective of the unstable, morally indifferent foreign policy President Obama has chosen to pursue. 

Which brings me to the second major issue the POTUS chose to address in his speech at the UN. I never thought I would see the day when an American president would make a speech that the leaders of the horridly anti-Zionist organization Jstreet would be proud of, but lo, and behold, I was wrong. Apart from the grossly inaccurate claims that the President made---No, the West Bank is not occupied, but rather disputed territory which, from both a legal and pragmatic standpoint belongs to the Jews, unless of course one desires another Islamist regime firmly planted there--his speech resembled something right out of Rod Sterling’s ‘The Twilight Zone.’ He described both Israelis and Palestinian Arab leaders as willing to come to the table to negotiate. 

Proof of Israeli leadership was shown through Netanyahu’s release of terrorists from Israeli jails. Proof of Palestinian leadership was apparently shown through Abbas brave decision to refrain from hijacking the entire negotiating process. Um, what? Is this an equal strategy of negotiations, Mr. President? One person releases murderers to show good faith while the other decides not to derail the entire process? Is this your idea of a willing partner for Israel? 

 Furthermore, once again, it seems that the President along with John Kerry are lacking in good intelligence sources. Simple research shows that the leaders in the PLO continue to assert to their people that they are not really interested in finding a peace deal with Israel but rather are interested in destroying the Jewish state by means of diplomacy and duplicity. On August 1st, Mahmoud Abbas said to a mostly Egyptian audience, “In a final resolution, we would not see the presence of a single Israeli – civilian or soldier – on our lands.” Indeed, Abbas earlier this year stated that the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin El Husseini, was his hero. It is no real surprise that the man who wrote his college thesis on how the Shoah was a lie would perpetuate the idea of a Jew-free state and call a Nazi collaborator one of his personal heroes.  It is, however, far more startling that the POTUS, the leader of the free world, would be duped once more into thinking that a Nazi apologist would be interested in making peace with the Jewish state. 

There is a dangerous contrast between reality and what the President wishes to see. Obama called Iran’s rhetorical pontifications “genuine,” as in, ‘I see that you are oppressing your people and that you are aligned with the nation we swore we’d strike just a week ago, but I’m going to believe that you mean what you say.” He referred to the PLO as “prepared to walk the difficult road to peace.” By this he meant that, “I understand that you celebrated the release of  mass murderers from Israeli prisons just the other day and I am keenly aware that you call daily for a Judenrein Palestine but I will ignore all of this.” This seemingly incomprehensible reasoning process can only be explained in two ways.   Either the POTUS has an incredibly poor intelligence committee that has not picked up on all this data, or he is choosing to ignore such information because he believes the end of peace is inevitable and justifies the means. He is therefore either incompetent or incredibly dogmatic in his belief in the religion of John Lennon. 

I am afraid the second is the explanation for the President’s lack of logic, and is a reflection of Obama’s unbridled arrogance and unwillingness to be guided by reality in his decision making process instead of a utopian idyllic goal of a world filled with the brotherhood of man and cotton candy packaged peace. So, he will continue to say, ‘Peace, Peace.’ And there will be none. 

Yet I am reminded of a frightening thought. If, G-d forbid, the Jews were driven into the sea, as their enemies want, there truly would be nothing more for them to kill or die for. If the Jewish state was annihilated, well, that’s one less country, isn’t it? And we are very aware that the Arabs do dream of this don’t they? And increasingly it seems like they are not the only ones that hope someday that the world will join them and live as one.