FACEBOOK: Facilitator of Peace?

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Saudi Man Answers Questions on Why He Loves Israel

I know there are deep haters of Facebook, and I do not blame them.  There is much to worry about regarding the dangers of uploading information about yourself to the world.  But a few months ago, I gave in and opened up a Facebook account for professional reasons.  While FACEBOOK definitely has it's minuses, on the plus side, I must admit it has opened up many doors for me to meet people which I would probably never have had a chance to connect with before.  

I am very much aware and understand that people can present themselves over the internet in any way they please.   People can, and often do,  use fake names, lie about their age, gender, location, use false pictures, etc...  So enough said about the internet, Facebook, social media,  the pros and cons, etc.  

One FB friend I made, calls himself.... well, I cannot say.  I must be discreet.  However, he does let me say that he is from Saudi Arabia and is now residing in some Western country.  I asked if I could interview him on the radio.  At first he said he would think about it, but afterwards, he said he wouldn't feel safe doing so and asked me instead to send him some questions to answer by text.  So here goes, a few questions I jotted down for him to answer, which I thought you might like to read, from a 'cousin' of ours.

-Why do you like Israel, even though you were raised from childhood to hate Israel?
I know I was raised to hate jews and isreal as been tought all my life that jews are not normal people they like to kill and these are supported by fake videos of arabic media. but I started to to talk to jews over the internet just to see, and guess what?! they are normal people and lovely people they listen to me they respected me more than anybody else, even when I am being harsh with them somtimes but they still respect me and reply to all my questions. plus i was not really convinced with islam, as since i was young i was forced to go to pray 5 times daily in the mousque, then I started to think and question why islam is the right religion maybe not, why should I take things for granted, let me find out! and Guess what? most of islamic things mainly were taken from jewish faith in another words (Stolen) and then Mohamed have added he horrible and hate flavour to it.
plus look into the whole arabic world its all fake no democracy and all of curropted governments, while looking to Isreal it is a democratic state, even for minorities even to muslims who hate jews.
after all of this, Do you want me to hate Isreal?! No I do not just like it I love it.
What was it like growing up as a Saudi Arabian?  Generally, not only pertaining to Israel.
well, growing up in Saudi Arabia, is like been guided from the moment you are born to follow the islamic and cultural things and when you question such things you are not allowed. and they teach you to be ashamed of your self when you asked rather than they try to explain things to the child. so when you grow up you know to do stuff but you do not know why you do it and why you do it in a certain way. new generation with all of internet connections and the globalization is not coping up with such things. now alot of athiest are in saudi arabia which no one could even think of. they are more than any saudi can imagine but they pretend they are muslims be cause of the fear over thier lifes of to be banned from the society.
I was lucky as I travelled alot when i was young as i travelled alot and meet people who makes me thing.
What was it that changed your mind about Israel and Jews?
I guess the answer is included in the first question
Is it difficult for you to reach out and make friends with Jews and/or Israelis?
with the help of internet it is easy now, but never met one in person actually.
What would you be afraid of if you were 'caught' not hating Jews and Israel?  What would or could happen to you?
well, do not know but for sure my family will hate me maybe not talk to me anymore, or maybe they will call me as a spy to isreal, and have no idea what will happen to me if that reached to the government, i maybe jailed and questioned. and they will be sure i am spy or why would i like them.
this is what i feel could happen but do not know if it happens how would the reaction be from both society and government. I do not dare to show that.
Are you a Muslim today? If not, why?
well, also I do not know. it part of me saying you should be muslim it is your religion but today i have no respect for it, and do not think iam muslim anymore cause it all lies. also even islam is true religion it does not make me feel proud about it. so my answer would be not.
Do you think there will ever be peace between Jews and Arabs/Muslims?  If so, how?
I hope so, but I do not think there will be. as muslims just hate jews and beleive that they will kill jews at the end of the liftime as stated in quran and prophet statements that they will be gatheres in Isreal and nearer the end of time muslims will kill them all. so in this being in the background of thier mind there will be no peace, plus muslims especially arabs are afraid that jews will expand their land in future to go beyound the current one and have the Great Isreal state. isreal has more power in terms of weapons and knowledge and research, plus the support of west.
I hoped I answered your questions, please no mention where iam now or who iam or even my age, I trust you.