How Long Will We Tolerate the Intolerable?

Tamar Yonah ,

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לבן ריק
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Tamar Yonah
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This video is disturbing to watch. It is I guess, the M.O. of Muslim extremists to pick on the weak; civilians, women, children, babies, and in this case, more than weak, rather, DEAD.  No fight will be put up by the deceased!  What brave men!

60 seconds into the film, you see a Jewish tomb stone being knocked over and desecrated.

I.Q. Al Rassooli writes me about this video, "At the beginning they are saying "these are CROSSES "  destroy them and when they saw the Star of David they  said "these are Hebrew letter of al yahhood". While DESECRATING they were of course glorifying their god with "Allahu Akbar". 

We saw the Nazis do this to Jewish cemeteries in Europe. In Jerusalem, we have the Mount of Olives cemetery that is also often destroyed and vandalized by Arabs.  Islamic arrogance knows  no bounds, especially when their arrogance and demands are appeased and protected by 'political correctness' and western good manners.  Islamic crimes, terrorism and its accompanying Jihad, must not be tolerated by the West, especially in their own countries.  This particular crime you will see in the video against the dead is intolerable.  The culprits are not wearing masks, and should be easily identified.   I wonder what the government of this country will do/has done?  How long will we tolerate the intolerable?  

UPDATE:  A reader sent me the following:  "As the resident Australian member, I can clarify where exactly this took place. The graveyard was actually an ANZAC Aussie war cemetary in Libya. It happened a couple of months ago. The provisional government in Libya had to make some quick and profuse apologies for the antics of its people in this desecration. As a serious COUNTERPOINT to it...Israel has been EXEMPLARY in helping look after the ANZAC war cemetary in Beersheva Israel. Israel definitely has best-practice...whereas Libya really dropped the ball letting their idiots do this at the Libyan ANZAC cemetary."

Also, I was correct in saying that I cannot vouch for the accompanying text from this video on YOUTUBE .  The actual translation of what they were saying in the video I got from Walid Shoebat who is an Arab.  He sent me the following:

"The dialect is North African, most likely Libya.
What they are saying has no resemblance of the report [that was posted on YouTube]. Here is what they were saying:
00:00 – 00:08
“Destroy the cross, these are dogs”.
08:00-0:10 “Allah is Great”
00:20 – 0:21 “Allah is Great”.
00:47 - :053 “little by little, start here and bring these down first”
1:00 – 1:04 “This is the grave of the cross, dismantle it”.
1:30 – 1:31 “come see, this one has Israeli writings, come and see it, sure sure .. it has Hebrew”."